I hear those savage camel-jockey raghead sand-booger Moozlum anti-Christ neck-schnitters all have five wives each and still need a couple of goats just to relieve the pressure -- and we're all buying Viagra trying to keep one old woman happy. Maybe we're missing something? The Muslim storybook Paradise from a man's point of view (the only one that matters) is all about sex. The 72 plump houris of heaven are not virgins, they are something like holy hookers (a virgin every time?), and you have the vitality of a hundred bulls. Last I heard, you guys that get The Rapture are going to spend your eternity in nightgowns singing castrato sonatas to flatter The Boss so he won't have you renditioned to an offshore hell where a big red hairy guy with bad teeth will torture you forever with fire up the kiester... and all I've got to do to get the virgins instead is blow up a few Jews? Hmmmm... tempting.

We are told by the Republican Christian apologists for Holy War that they are killing us because they hate us for our freedoms. That is true. Their version of the Abraham myth (just like ours) tells them to convert the unsaved and exterminate the disobedient. In the same way, and for the same reasons, Bible-based authoritarians hate many of us for our freedoms and they are willing to use the power of law enforcement and even vigilante murder to prevent us from exercising what they call "license to sin"... (rewriting the Constitution if they have to). The only difference between the Taliban and the Dominionists is their hats (anyone who thinks public beheadings beneath the honor or sanity of American Christians has forgotten the ducking stool and the jigaboo tree). They are both fighting over absurd differences in the same psychotic fantasy ancient occult mythology of guilt, fear, and spiritual blackmail. The Republican Pharisees want to put that mentality in command of the greatest nuclear army on Earth, looking to fulfill a prophecy of world destruction by war, famine, and disease. If Satan were more than a scarecrow created to frighten gullible children to cringe and kneel, he would be laughing his big red hairy ass off.

So what? So what if the reality is clearly that the whole Abraham story, from "let there be light" to the little soap opera in Eden, to the half-god water-walker from Galilee strung up like the carcass of a goat set out to appease the fearsome dragon in the cave so he won't come into town… is all simply a story like a novel that has been taken as real for the last few thousand years. Does it matter? We are like the 100th generation of Star Wars fans, and for 1000 years, it has been a capital crime to declare Luke Skywalker never existed, that Prophet George Lucas had lied, and to refuse to submit to the Divine Rule of the Jedi. We now have the power to destroy the Earth, and ourselves on it, like lemmings in uniform, reciting our rules, sacrificing our scapegoats and daughters, led by lunatics in chasuble and armor.

So what? Particularly those of you who are not so dazzled by your sincere faith as to recognize the story is a valuable moral epic fable, and those of you who truly respect the fine political principles of the Grand Old Party, think very seriously about voting for any witch-hunting puritan holy-warrior with a revival tent view of the world and a hunger to reap the golden harvest of politically invested seed money just because he happens to be the Republican. Spare us all from whatever Texan Cotton Mather or Dixie Jane Of Arc the Republicans run. It is not about Democrat vs. Republican any more. It is Democratic vs. the NEO-CATs - Neo-Conservative Christian American Taliban, who now control the GOP.

We hear a lot of fire from the Religious Right about the "radicalization of Muslims" being a danger to America. True, but the greater danger is within... the radicalization of Christians. The overt movement to bring the power of radical Christianity to control our federal laws is in fact a sectarian coup de etat intended to subject the Constitution to conform to the Bible, and to take up the sword of law enforcement to impose its values and taboos, as they see them. That is exactly what would be meant by "Christian sharia", and which is prohibited by the First Amendment, and they all know it... but they sincerely believe their religious restrictions are more highly moral than your constitutional freedoms, their faith more true than your science, and they are therefore justified in bringing their idol into the legislatures and giving it the last word. What is wrong with that? The basic premises of all versions of Abrahamic religion, which includes both Islam and Christianity, contain prejudice, discrimination, justification for genocide, bigoted exclusionism, racism, sexism, and some terrible self-fulfilling prophecy for which they are willing to bring about nuclear war in God's name. It matters that these radical ideas be dispelled as the mythology and sorcery they are, even though they are the fundamental principles of the world's largest religions.

Read this prophetic analysis of those blasphemous and potentially world destructive ideas: