Are Americans Too Smart For The Politicians?

I keep hearing about how The People in America today are too smart to be flim-flammed by exploitive rabble-rousing politicians with materialist ambitions and ravenous egos driven by psychotic religious obsession.

I wish I could agree, but I'm afraid it looks like the politicians and those who market them have it right. Political strategists like Karl Rove may seem cynical but pragmatic when they prove that the American people are not comfortable with intellectual explanations of complex issues, and do not trust educated candidates who attempt to rationally promote what they are for. They are more easily swayed by campaigning that gives them a reason NOT to vote for the opponent. Generally, these reasons are simplistic and pander to people's baser prejudice, superstition, pride, and fear. No matter what the candidate's many assets may be, it takes only ONE such reason to refuse to vote for her, and the other is elected by default, no matter how little he might actually have to bring to the office.

Our political landscape is being razed by exploitation of the simple-minded mass psychosis of literal belief in the absurd myths, fables, and fantasy of the Bible. At issue is whether the Constitution or the Scripture shall be used to determine what shall be free, and what shall be prohibited by law enforcement. In objecting to Muslim sharia, they would establish by law a Christian equivalent, judging all on the basis of the moralist posture they proclaim entitles them to power. Because of religious influence on syllabus (among other things), the quality of our national education is a boil on our face among civilized nations... and "the people" are crying the solution is to end public schools and pay the preachers to do the teaching.

The working masses (the only group besides the "rich" who have anything to tax) are whipped to such a fearful frenzy they'll lose their jobs and mortgaged homes that they march in the streets declaring their answer is, "Don't tax the boss. Don't feed the poor," and bleating the alternative is socialism, and refusing to vote for anyone their bleat-leaders inform them is a socialist, never mind what he says, or what they think socialism means beyond being taxed to feed the Mexicans.

The same troop-supporting law-enforcing Bible-banging burrhead moralists who fill up the prisons and wage wars to oppose popular addictive herbs grown in the Third World are themselves addicted by the millions to synthetic versions of the same chemicals made by the corporations that fund the elections of those who perpetuate the prohibitions, and the wars, both of which are very profitable.

Our most acclaimed and highly rewarded national heroes are neither statesmen nor scientists, but athletes and entertainers, who are expected to behave like shills at a carnival, their conspicuous consumption being the measure of our esteem, and to emulate their gluttony our greatest desire. Our interest in their lives consists of imagining with whom they have sex. Likewise we are most concerned for the sex lives of our political leaders. Who cares what one's background or accomplishments are, when the legacy of a world-class statesman in the American popular mind is reduced to getting his stogie smoked in the Big O?

The rich and powerful are who they are because they are aware, even if cynically, that the masses of the people really are sheep, or other such barnyard livestock, and they really are motivated and controlled by things you'd think even stupid people would recognize and reject. I have been blessed to know a lot of really aware and intelligent individuals, but it is all too clear to me that The People who have prayed to God to make them His Good Sheep have had their prayers answered long ago. Isn't it self-evident that even the very good shepherd does not keep flocks because he loves sheep, but because he knows the price of wool… and the taste of mutton?

As for my yelling some kind of warning that things are going to go wrong if we don't pull our heads out... well, I have been the last thirty years or so saying IF we don't do this or that, then certain bad shit is going to happen. The People did not do those things back then, and a lot of the shit I said has done shat. Past tense. Things we did not protect back then, we have lost, and likely cannot get back, no matter whom we elect or assassinate. Yes, the American people have proved we are at least as stupid and tractable as "they" think we are. So don't worry about it. The smart guys are in control. Take your Soma, and go buy a car. Go see Vagilina's new movie. You'll feel swell!

Am I an allrightnik, just have to be right? No, there is nothing in the world I would like better than to be proved wrong about this. Please, tell me something you see being done that is smart.

James Post