Though we are beginning as a self-publisher, taking advantage of the tremendous opportunity provided to writers and small publishers by the advances in print technology and internet marketing, we look forward to a future in which we are able to publish other writers' books which we feel embody the spirit we hope to bring to this enterprise. We hope that spirit should always be open-minded, unafraid to speak the truth, however beautiful or horrid that might be, and motivated by patriotism and love for the great instututions, the many cultures, and the wonderful and diverse people who make up The United States Of America.

Though these first books are for everyone, they are of particular interest to the millions of Americans whose lives began in one of the states which once made up Yugoslavia. That they are written from the viewpoint of the often-persecuted Muslim minority in the Balkans, the Bosniaks, is particularly timely and important now when all Muslims are suffering distrust and demonizing in America today. We acknowledge that makes these stories inevitably controversial, but it is a viewpoint that deserves to be shown, particularly among well-wishing Americans who do not know the roots of that controversy in Bosnia, nor its impact on life in America, but would like to know.

Bajram Angelo Koljenovic

Angelo was born and raised in the Montenegrin highland village of Gusinje in the valley of Plav. The grandson of an Ottoman officer, the son of a pioneer Communist, and one of the Muslim minority, he served in the Army of Yugoslavia before emmigrating to the United States in 1969. (About the time this picture was taken.)

Good luck and family connections led him to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he worked in many capacities in the great casino hotels, from teaching martial arts to the bodyguards of some of the celebrities who became his friends, looking out for the personal interests of some particularly important guests, to eventually owning his own restaurant.

"If I do nothing else," he says, "I just want to express my deep love of life, and of people everywhere, and my great appreciation for my adopted homeland in America. I will always thank America for giving me and everyone else who is willing to work to make a fresh start the chance to have a better life."

Over the years Angelo became deeply involved in the process of immigration, and worked to assist members of his family and many others in coming to America, and becoming citizens of the United States.

"I began writing many years ago, in the hope that I could tell my children, and others whose parents came from the lands once called Yugoslavia, a little bit about their grand heritage, and about the kind of people their forefathers were," he says, "and also to tell the people of Montenegro today a little bit about the life of one of their own who went away looking for freedom and opportunity."

He began working with James in 2000, and co-authored Blood Of Montenegro, then authored the very personal Forgotten Soldiers.

Angelo now lives in Las Vegas with his wife Man Kiu and their children, still doing the work he loves meeting people in the grand resort hotels and welcoming them from all over the world to his town.

James Nathan Post

Raised near White Sands, New Mexico, the son of a rocket research engineer and an artist, James flew jets and combat helicopters in military service, and has written many novels and other books in the years since. When he met Angelo, James was working as a Las Vegas sports book player for a professional handicap team.

"When Angelo came to me two years ago with a burning drive to finish a book he had long been working on about his family, I knew nothing of Montenegro. When I began the research I needed to undertake this project with him, I was surprised to see so little to tell the American reader like myself about that country and its people. As an American citizen of Montenegrin birth, Angelo wanted to tell his own children about their cultural heritage, and he also wanted to say something about his life as an American to those he left behind in the little town of Gusinje. When I began to listen to him, and to look into his heart as he poured out his story, it felt like finding a vein of gold. It was a project that would demand all of our creativity and skill to bring to life, but I knew the substance was genuine and real. If together we have here brought forth something of the richness of the culture and life in the tiny but pivotal country called Montenegro, and the strength and passion of its people, then we can surely feel we have contributed something significant."

His first novel, SACRIFICES, is a powerful and often disturbing close-up look at the lives and feelings of young Americans caught up in the Vietnam War, from the viewpoint of the cockpit of a combat helicopter gunship. It was begun in Vietnam in 1967, and not completed until 1985, and even after so much has been written about that war, it still offers new and challenging ideas.

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