Mr President,
Have You Lied To Me
To Get My Money?

Edited And Read By
James Nathan Post

Can I "take the Fifth" on my Form 1040?

What if I received $0 dollars as the Constitution defines them?

Who scammed us for all the gold, and isn't it a crime to go along with it?

The answers to the questions on the IRS Tax Return Form 1040 could be used against me in a criminal trial. Doesn't the Fifth Amendment protect me from having to answer those questions? If it does protect me, why does the Form 1040 not carry the Miranda warning?

According to the Constitutional definition, a Federal Reserve Note is not a dollar. If I report I received some dollars on my Form 1040, but I actually received only FRN's, then how can I swear my return is the truth?

Constitutional dollars are defined as pieces of gold. If you owned a dollar, you owned that much gold. The bankers and politicians who created the Federal Reserve took the gold "out of circulation" and made it all disappear. Didn't it actually belong to the citizens? Who owns it now that we citizens have only trading paper? Was it not a great criminal conspiracy for them to take possession of everybody's gold? If I let them get away with it, and go ahead and claim my FRNs as dollars, won't I thereby become an accessory to their crime?

How can I obey the instructions on my Income Tax Return Form 1040, without waiving my Constitutional rights, or deliberately making a false statement, or committing conspiracy or some other crime? Until I get an answer, Mr President, I can't in good faith honestly answer the questions it asks.

Note: this article is not sold as an example, instruction, or exhortation to employ the legal information it discloses in the actual preparation of any person's IRS income tax return, nor as a protest, political statement, or organizational effort. It's sole objective is to be informative, and perhaps to motivate further inquiry.