A Radio Play By
James Nathan Post

Performed, recorded, and broadcast at KNMA radio, New Mexico State University, on Veterans Day, 1995.

It's 1989, and Namvet Ted Flesher is pushing middle age when his all-too-quiet small-town life is shaken up by an offer to return to Vietnam as part of a plan to buy some old helicopters from the new government. When he requests to invite his childhood pal and fellow vet Morey Stuhlmann, a would-be journalist, to go along to document the mission, he sets himself up for the hard truth. Engaging, thought provoking, dramatic, funny, and poignant.

Performed by Phillip Palmer, Bill Varuola, Larry Fiedler, Steve McManus, Alice Little, Liz Beeson, Janice Luper, and James Post.

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