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Books by James Nathan Post

  • Sacrifices -- A novel of the helicopter war in Vietnam.

  • Seductions -- A novel of sex, drugs, and religion in 1970's middle-class counterculture.

  • King's Knight and Other Stories -- anthology of computer sci-fi about neural-interface virtual reality.

  • High Arena -- post-apocalyptic flying action adventure.

  • Three Tales On The Road -- a madcap vacation, off-road talking super truck chase, and wry road sci-fi .

  • Three Tales In Lastima -- heartwarming humorous fantasy, capturing the wisdom and spirit of Old New Mexico.

  • Murder By Starlight -- A Mystery In New Mexico, from the Anasazi to the Space Age.

  • Kalisnacht -- a dark novel about a cult of secret serial killers, out to save the world.

  • Sedona Esoterica -- Is Dowsing psychic? -- I Ching introduction -- The Magic Of Candleburning.

  • Merlin's Pawn -- A Doubled-Down Runner In Vegas, a fast and sexy romp about sports books and smuggling.

  • A Velvet Web -- a psycho-sexual thriller about sex and danger in the halls of power in Washington.

  • The Anti-Cyclops Papers -- one hundred twenty hard-hitting essay commentaries on our times, drugs, schools, and lives.

  • Fundamental Blasphemy -- first edition of this prophetic debunking of fundamental Bible dogma, declaring its blame for world war.

  • Thank You Jesus But No Thank You -- newest edition of this prophetic debunking of fundamental Bible dogma, declaring its blame for world war.

  • Blood Of Montenegro -- (with Bajram Koljenovic) an epic historical novel about Balkan history and Bosnian culture.

  • Spiritman -- (with George Mendoza) lessons learned in a spiritual fantasy world of adventures.

  • Blinding Speed -- (with George Mendoza) a young athlete rises above the handicap of sudden blindness.

  • The Black Messiah Murders -- (with Shelly Waxman) Sam Cohen Case #1, the FBI vs. The Black Panthers.

  • Piranhas On The Loose -- (with Shelly Waxman) Sam Cohen Case #2, Sam has to defend a dirty tricks hitman.

  • The Josephus Enigma -- (with Shelly Waxman) Sam Cohen Case Adventure #3, a sinister power uses an astonishing Church secret.

The Scribes Of Osiris

by Shelly Waxman

by Bajram Angelo Koljenovic