For Better Vision

Former combat pilot James Nathan Post, now a freelance writer in the fields of psychic, mind, and body development, has discovered a system he claims can greatly improve vision in many cases.

"The principle is simple," he says. "All the muscles in the body, including the eyeball muscles, work in pairs. By making the pairs work against each other through smooth motion, they are made much stronger. This is the same principle that made Charles Atlas' famous dynamic-tension method work. When the muscles that move and focus the eyes are made stronger, they do their jobs better, and the result is better vision.

"The tension of the eye muscles working against each other happens because the brain has an automatic mechanism that keeps the eyes pointing at the same place, and changes the shape of the eyeball to keep the image in focus as you shift from near focus (eyes crossed) to far focus (eyes straight ahead). If you deliberately hold the eyes in a position which is not natural for seeing, like one crossed and one straight, the automatic mechanism tries to pull them back into a normal position. By moving the eyes smoothly from one side to the other through the positions shown in the illustrations, the muscles will all be thoroughly stretched and exercised agaist each other. Don't overdo it. Just as in any proper exercise, you should stop before the muscles become overtired."

Postexplains that learning to do the exercise is a mental trick. "To begin with, here's a hint. Only move one eye at a time to get from one position to the next. You do it by crossing your eyes just far enough to see a double image. Then you put all your attention on one of the images. Holding your attention on one will make it seem to stay in one place. Then when you cross your eyes, the other image seems to move away to the side. The result is that only one eye crosses. The other remains focused straight ahead. It's like learning to see through one eye at a time."

"If you have weak eyes and always use glasses," he says, "the eye muscles are never made to work to their fullest, so the eyes grow progressively weaker, just like any other unused muscles. Through proper exercises like this one, weak eyes can be made stronger, and strong eyes kept fit for life."