by James Nathan Post
and George Mendoza

This heartwarming, exciting, and motivational story about a young athlete confronting the horror of blindness, the hazards of celebrity, and the spiritual power of an Apache shaman was written with world-class runner George Mendoza, who faced his own loss of vision and went on to win medals in the International Games For The Handicapped in 1980 and 1984. First written as a screenplay, it is filled with action, drama, and romance, from finding love, inspiration, and betrayal in the high mountains of the New Mexico, to the challenge of celebrity and world competition.

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by George Mendoza and James Nathan Post
Based on an original story by Carlos J Pratz

Spirit Man is a bizarre fantasy quest in the spirit of such works by H.P.Lovecraft and C.S.Lewis. When Michael Seymour's youthful pride and irresponsibility cause a great tragedy to his best friend, Michael is plunged into a garish, surreal, and shocking universe of shifting illusions, some sweet and tempting, and some simply horrid and terrifying. In his desire to regain that which he had lost, he discovers he has both strange attackers, and unsuspected allies leading him through adventures, lessons, and tests.

Spirit Man is now available as a high-quality paperback book, and as an E-book on's KINDLE.

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The Mirrors Of Truth

An inspiring short narrative by

George Mendoza

This delightful little book is a short narrative romp through a fantastic hall of mirrors. Like the astonishing bright worlds of George's paintings and his novel "Spirit Man," it is both introspective and extroverted, and ultimately intended to show simple wisdom in a bright new way.

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