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I live on Tatooine, in the anonymity of the poor. It's not an illusion, I just know how to do it and still live ok. Like having the garret room in the old tower in the wilderness, I live a simple reclusive life with a sweet old woman who cares for me. She wins baking contests in the local Fairs. I have many years amused myself creating spells and encantations which I cast upon the ether, in the hope of calling up a rain of silver. We don't see much of that here. Because I live by levitation, that is with no visible means of support, some have suspected I am either a crazy old wizard, or a fraud. They are more right than they know.

As a child, I lived on a green planet, with snow and fruit and fish. When I was eight, my Dad got assigned to a secret Fedbase out in the desert here to retro-engineer some alien spacecraft they had taken in a recent war. The closest town was Mes Illya, long known as a rough trade haven in outlaw country. I was impressed enough with the escapades of a local paladin known as Boy that I call my son that. He's a tattoo artist here these days, in Al Burqa, when he's not off running with the Lost Boys or the Pirates.

I was also impressed with that alien tech they were working on, so I went to Space Academy and learned to fly the hot X-Wing fighters that retro-engineering had led to. I did combat over the jungles of Dagoba as pilot of an anti-personnel land-skimmer. I liked the action, but I did something the Fed didn't like, got declared too liberal, and thrown out. I worked around while, flying this old piece of junk or that, on both sides of the law, supplying remote outposts, running from the revenooers, whatever, then dropped out of the business of flying things. I hope I can say I have never done anything that ought to be called criminal, but you could say I've been an outlaw.

Having been a Knight on the Chessboard of life, I became a Bishop, a wandering pilgrim, a mendicant troubador and weaver of tales. I learned to get in and out of things, like plays, marriages, churches, and other such illusory binding associations. I learned to kneel and chant in a variety of temples, and concluded I am a gnostic, a bogomil, a Jedi at heart, but Ronin to all religions, a total-immersion non-denominational theist, basically stuck with knowing I am something like a prophet without portfolio, however I might happen to feel about that. Having been a warrior and a scribe in a lifetime long ago, I devoted myself to being a writer, and as well a singer, songwriter, actor, playwright, and publisher.

Because of the powerful influence of organized religion on the governing of our country and the consequent fate of the world, and my hope to have a positive influence on that, I have a political agenda with religious roots, specifically, to ensure the continued secular and empiricist nature of our country's laws, education, and government, while protecting all forms of religious belief and personal practice, and to actively employ the First Amendment protection of our government and political power structure from the deliberate insurgent takeover by the modern fundamentalist interpretations and dominionist political intentions of the so-called "religious right" in ascendance today. I've been to that temple, and I know how the world looks from inside it. Whether as moralist authoritarian "social conservatives" or enraptured Apocalypse Crusaders they are unfortunately most dangerous to the rest of the world when most sincere.

As a working word-wizard, I have spun out a couple dozen books, and as I have worked with several co-authors, the range of subject matter is pretty broad. Those are available in paperback you can order from Amazon. Here is a link to those books if you're interested: THE BOOKS

I've also done quite a variety of things as a shapeshifter. Here are some video characters I created for a TV series you might like to get to know:

General E. Brownan Grundy

Professor Miles Weider Brownstain

Reverend Jimmy Beaverwood

En Osar, Scribe Of Osiris

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