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by Bajram Angelo Koljenovic and James Nathan Post

Bajram Angelo Koljenovic tells the saga of three generations of his family and their influence on Balkan history, from the time when his grandfather young Ottoman Army Officer Ebrahim was the Muslim friend who rescued Orthodox Catholic King Nicola from Mussolini, through the life of his father Halim, a pioneer Communist imprisoned under Tito as a Stalinist, through Bajram's youth and service in the Yugoslavian Army, his immigration to America to become a tough-guy for the mob and then a successful businessman and family man in Las Vegas, to his underworld involvement in the war in Bosnia in 1995, expressed with the lyric intensity and penetrating vision of novelist James Nathan Post.

Now Available in the Bosnian language, KRV CRNE GORE.

"My Heart And My Mind -
An American Muslim Patriot Speaks."

byBajram Angelo Koljenovic

In the world of turbulent political and religious conflicts we are facing today, it might seem the idea that a Muslim could be an American patriot is becoming more and more alien. A Bosnian Muslim, Koljenovic emmigrated from Yugoslavia. In this bold and impassioned personal statement, he proclaims his own patriotism, and issues a challenge to other Muslim immigrant citizens like himself to stand up and be heard in defense of our United States of America.


byBajram Angelo Koljenovic

The heart-rending true story
of a few unsung heroes
trying to do some good
in the maelstrom of chaos and violence
that is Bosnia.


The Unholy War -- One Root, One God.
The terrible influence religious prejudice has had upon the turbulent history of the Balkans.

Now Available in the Bosnian language, RAT ZA BOGA I BOSNU.

Bajram Angelo Koljenovic

Angelo was born and raised in the Montenegrin highland village of Gusinje in the valley of Plav. The grandson of an Ottoman officer, the son of a pioneer Communist, and one of the Muslim minority, he served in the Army of Yugoslavia before emmigrating to the United States in 1969. (About the time this picture was taken.) Angelo now lives in Las Vegas with his wife Man Kiu and their children, still doing the work he loves meeting people in the grand resort hotels and welcoming them from all over the world to his town.