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This document is a prophetic declaration and Satanist manifesto
by a self-professed Prophet of Satan known only as Darkstar.


The Cyclopes have single vision, and so lack perspective. Sons of the Titans, weapons makers to the Gods, workers at the forge, and keepers of sheep, they dine on human flesh. They command large parts of the American government and the structure of society, and they wear the cassock of its major religions. The illicit union of Puritan sects with authoritarian statists has produced the horrors of the self-flagellating War On Drugs, the more pervasive War On Terror, and the self-righteous police-science penal-security mentality of the behavioralist child propaganda day-camps of our public school system. You can't teach an eagle to fly in a cage... especially if you are training him to be a sheep.

The Anti-Cyclops Papers first began as letters to editors of various newspapers, and eventually became a twice-monthly column in The Valley Explorer, an alternative newspaper in Las Vegas NV (1999-2002). Many of them appear in early versions as articles in this magazine. The finished 124 column essays are now published on in high quality paperback.


A Love Affair With Molas
The Niko Panszczyk Story


A novel of the Viet Nam war and the life of a troubled veteran for a decade thereafter -- a highly decorated combat hero, he comes home in disgrace for smoking marijuana. The combat action takes place in a UH-1C Army helicopter gunship platoon, and (though wholly fictional) is thrilling and authentic, and the veteran's post-war drama is thought- provoking and challenging even after so many years, and so much written about the war.

James' Veterans' Page. -- snapshots and links, more to come.

Bunkers at Bao Long -- a short story about the war in Vietnam.


Written almost fifty years ago, this still-prophetic computer-SF novella begins in a virtual-reality Chessgame world, and ends with a powerful metaphysical vision of our limited human consciousness, as chessman Steven Kaskey struggles to confront his suspicion that there is more to his world than he is permitted to perceive.


Before the feel track, there were no smell, taste, nor touch in the media. Russians trace the origin of "the ultimate medium" to Grokzhemla’s parasentient hardware, and the Japanese to their implant security chip, but Western history credits the breakthrough to Gerald Speesmeyer, graduate student at a small Southwest college in the early 1970's. Like many true innovators, Gerry had little notion what he was unleashing upon the world, and no way to put his genie back into the toothpaste tube.


Look here for several SF short stories and other things, from the man who steals a remote-controlled "gnome" to commit a crime, to the man with a nice safe job flying fighter planes, to the woman who wants to love her baby over and over again.

To buy the entire Science Fiction paperback anthology including The 12-Volt Casanova and King's Knight, click HERE.


This novel is about sex, drugs, and religion, taken as the great addictions of that most seductive decade, the 1970's. Those who judge books to be obscene, subversive, or blasphemous might find all they need to do so in these pages, though it is a serious work about a young couple struggling to understand and adapt to a very turbulent time. Set in the wine country of northern California, and rated X, it explores the darker side of the middle-class counterculture during a decade of self-exploration.

To buy SEDUCTIONS, click HERE.


This one is a post-apocalyptic survivalist action adventure story about a family of quirky nomadic free-traders in the high Rocky Mountains of the north (one of whom flies an antique soaring ultralight airplane), and their conflict with an authoritarian family who control the pass to the south. It is also significant as a hypertext story. In the text of the story are links which go to a group of "historical footnotes" which tell a second complete story with its own characters and setting, about some airplanes designed by the author.

To buy High Arena and Buttercup's Run in paperback, click HERE.


This "Saturday matinee popcorn paperback" is about a mis-matched mission team on a chase across Mexico in a high-tech turbine-powered supertruck with a computer personality who has a mind of her own....with attitude. Light, fun, fast-reading, a little sexy, and often very funny as they are pursued by government agents, revolutionaries, and opportunists.

with George Mendoza

This heartwarming and motivational story about a young athlete confronting the horror of blindness, the hazards of celebrity, and the spiritual power of an Apache shaman was written with world-class runner George Mendoza, who faced his own loss of vision and went on to win medals in the International Games For The Handicapped in 1980 and 1984. First written as a screenplay, it is filled with action, drama, and romance.


This non-fictional iconoclastic prophetic utterance is intended to debunk the idolatry of the Bible, and to point out that much of the global conflict of today, the rise of armed paranoid cults of Bible fundamentalists, and the siezing of government power by organized zealots are all due to the most fundamental notions of the Bible -- blasphemous notions.

To read excerpts and buy FUNDAMENTAL BLASPHEMY in paperback, click HERE.


A story of the time of the ancient dynasties.