Nieva Pearl

Nieva spent her junior year of high school in Stade, Germany, on the Congress-Bundestag Exchange Program, then moved to Las Vegas NV, where she completed high school at The Las Vegas Academy of International Studies. After her first year in college at Chatham College in Pittsburgh, she married Everett Robinson, and they lived in Detroit, and in Tunica, Mississippi, working in casinos where his mother was an executive. They lived several years in Trinidad, Colorado, and worked in the sex-change hospital. When they were separated, Nieva moved to Hawaii, where she studied massage, and eventually earned her degree in Kinesiology at the University on Oahu. She now lives again in Las Vegas, employed as a therapist in a resort, so she can be with her daughter Rowan Paige, who is now attending LVA.

This is


at the session in Las Cruces NM where they recorded the first demo album of their original songs, called "Just Kidding."

From the left, that's Daggi (guitar, backup vocals), Nieva (lead vocals), Alex (percussion), and Amber (bass). Daggi and Alex came all the way from Germany to be there.