A spaced mystery:


by James Nathan Post

The sleek starship Exitright cruised in low orbit over the sandy red planet below. On the bridge, Mr. Spook, Lt. Boohoora, and Ensign Czechliszt stared bleakly at the viewscreen.

"Captain Quirk is lost somewhere down there," Boohoora informed the others. "We have lost communication with him, and his last message was very perplexing. He said he had just walked one mile directly south, one mile directly east, and one mile directly north, and he was back at the same place he began."

"Aha," said Czechliszt, "our problem is solved. There is only one place he could be. Set a course for the north pole."

However, a search of the north pole produced no sign of gallant Captain Quirk.

"Perhaps his compass was broken, or he was in a magnetic discontinuity area," suggested Lt. Boohoora. "Maybe thatís the key to this problem."

"Key..." mused the Velcron science officer. "No, not the key -- itís the keyhole thatís the clue. The Captain spoke the truth, but you are in error, Czechliszt. Here, proceed at once to search these coordinates."

In minutes, Mr. Spook beamed aboard his friend and commander, dashing young Captain Quirk, who was glad to be home safe.

"What I want to know," said Lt. Boohoora, "is where Spook said to go, and how he knew to look there."

....................Could you explain it to her for Mr. Spook?