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"Rocket Base Kid"

1943 - 1961. Born Aquarius, raised near White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, son of a rocket radio research engineer and an artist. This picture was taken by model rocket inventor G.Harry Stine, using one of his first garage-made prototypes for this advertising material, making James the first kid in the country to shoot one of these now-popular model rockets. In high school a violinist, science-fair winner, thespian, ballroom dancer, and president of Chess and Writing clubs, he wrote his first novel, an utterly unpublishable teen murder story, and lost the only copy. A better athlete than his slender build and egghead ways would lead folks to suspect, he was a winning college swimmer, wrestler, and gymnast. Seeking to enhance his masculine peer stature, he resolved to get tough.

"Jimmy Jet"

1962-1969. After two years at New Mexico's remote Institute of Mining and Technology studying geophysics, James dropped out of school to enter training as a Marine Corps jet pilot. Though fully trained, unfortunate circumstances kept him from serving in the jets. Not to be denied his dream to fly combat aircraft, he retrained as an Army helicopter gunship pilot, and served with the 101st Airborne Division in Viet Nam, 1968.

He was highly decorated (Air Medals for Merit and Valor, Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross), but drummed out of service for smoking marijuana. He became rated as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, and became an expert mountain pilot flying Forest Service helicopters in Idaho. Seeking to put his youthful dreams behind, he resolved to get free and discover truth.
The novel SACRIFICES is about this period.

"The Seeker"

"There is a Seeker born (again) every minute." Tuned in, turned on, and dropped out. Three quick divorces. Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, and religion. Psychedelics, Scientology, Wicca, Tao, and Jesus (left-hand man to fundamentalist Christian prophet). Ordained 1977, a non-denominational Minister. Folk music composer, actor, singer, playwright, TV show host, occult publisher's editorial assistant, and founder of The Scribes Of Osiris. The picture is from a minor film role. Resolved to select a workable truth and settle down.
The novel SEDUCTIONS is about this most seductive decade, which also produced the science-fiction novellas in KING'S KNIGHT, and the metaphysical investigations in SEDONA ESOTERICA.

"Post the Ghost"

1980 - 1999. The serious writer in his struggling- unknown phase, helping a hard-working wife to support their family on part-time jobs and a dream, and backing that dream up with long hours at the keyboard. First published at age 12, a space movie review in "Missile Away!" the journal of the American Rocket Society. (hooked!) 1965 winner in a national patriotic essay contest sponsored by The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge; published articles in Army Aviation Digest, several psychic/occult and science fiction magazines, and an original joke in Hustler! A lifelong member of The Las Cruces Community Theater, James has been awarded its "Mickey" for Best Actor, and for Best Musical Performer. Here is a newspaper picture from a 1997 production. It was a free and peaceful American life with a worthwhile goal and a good chance of success. This period produced several screenplays which eventually became the novellas in HIGH ARENA, and SUMMER CHICKENS, and HEALING WATERS. After living quietly in Las Cruces almost twenty years, he and his family moved to Las Vegas, where son Boy and daughter Nieva attended the Academy of International Studies and the Performing Arts. Their mother Lynne moved to Maui where she teaches and practices professional massage therapy.

Here is a link to some of James' art from the period: James' Art Boners

"What's Happenin' Now"

James spent three years enjoying the rewards of being a high-rolling bogus professional Las Vegas sports book player, which experience is distilled in the thrilling and erotic novel MERLIN'S PAWN. The next two years produced the powerful historical drama BLOOD OF MONTENEGRO with Angelo Koljenovic. He moved to Albuquerque where he wrote the SAM COHEN, J.D. pulp fiction books with Shelly Waxman, and has been living happily with friend Suzi, for whom he wrote the New Mexico mystery MURDER BY STARLIGHT.

Taking advantage of a public-access TV channel in Albuquerque, in 2007 he began the home-produced late-night TV series THE FRINGE ELEMENT, all 13 episodes of which you may watch here.

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