Once there lived a young scribe under the reign of Her Divine Majesty the Pharoah Hatshepsut. Eager to excel in manly service, he enlisted in Her cavalry, and became a charioteer. In his first day of battle, he was struck below the left eye by a Babylonian’s bronze arrow, and he was dead when he hit the ground.

He protested his destiny before the Gods, and for his passionate attachment he was granted by Osiris the power to return to the ka immediately, and to fulfill his desire to be of service. Born anew, and serving a new Pharoah, he did again serve as a warrior, and survived. He then spent a long lifetime as a scribe of common station. Taking the name En Osar (Aenosarius to the Romans), he founded The Scribes Of Osiris, dedicated to that which is beautiful, eternal, and true.

In 1973, using a hand-cranked mimeograph machine in a converted chicken coop in Sebastopol, itinerant writer, mendicant troubador, and former helicopter gunship pilot James Nathan Post declared the modern-day incarnation of that ancient order. The Scribes Of Osiris was incorporated once, and application was filed for its IRS non-profit status as an association of religion and art. When that was denied, and a discorporation fee required, which the organization did not possess, the entity became undead, neither officially alive, or not. Still a few have labored, like the Scribes’ tireless founder, under the hot sun or the cold moon, to drag one more stone one more step closer to the unacclaimed monument he has erected here in the illusory world of virtual space.

Alex St. Luc
Aenosar Emeritus


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