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A Velvet Web


This screenplay contains material that might be considered by some to be obscene, subversive, or blasphemous.

This darkly-comic psycho-sexual thriller offers the opportunity to be graphically explicit, but is not dependent on it. The relationships and sexual attitudes explored are dark, and certain sensitive social issues are addressed in a deliberately provocative manner.

This story incorporates an element which makes it very timely: the lead female character uses a porno website in the conduct of her homicidal activities. The appearance, content, and production of her website shows would be integral to the film, and would offer an opportunity to cross-over the cyber/cinema media gap by actually operating the website in promotion of the film.

The story is about the sexually violent retribution of an abused child, now eighteen. Her target is her father, a Pentagon General, and her ally is his aide, a sexually and racially harassed black female army officer. The protagonist is a naive but willing to sin young tabloid reporter seeking dirt about the General's recent suicide.


Robin Gamble, 25, good-looking investigative reporter from “The National Scoop” tabloid, investigating the General’s strange suicide.

Shaleen Kusterman, 18, a sexy body-building beauty, student at a ritzy private school in DC. Abused by her father as a child of 9, she seeks retribution, and expresses her inner torment by publishing a sexually-violent website wherein she is the star.

General Jesse Kusterman, mid-50’s, her father, a highly placed Pentagon Army officer, darling of the Christian Right, about to run for Congress. Suspicion is aroused when he kills himself, and the official explanation is a discrepancy concerning one of his medals.

Sally Kusterman, the General’s wife, mid-40’s, flashily attractive, a Conservative political activist, and Christian-TV ministry co-host, with Rev. Jimmy Freeland.

Maj. Aida Luceville, 26, the General’s beautiful aide, the youngest black female Major in the Army, and a martial artist. Though highly skilled, she has risen fast by serving the General’s appetites for racial and sexual domination – but she resents it. She expresses her inner torment by making bait of herself to hunt rapists.

Rev. Jimmy Freeland, 45, Washington’s most powerful TV Evangelist. Under his ministry, ex-drunken-Major Kusterman is led to repentance and elevated to Christian political power.


Army Major Jesse Kusterman comes home drunk, fights with his wife, and sexually abuses his nine-year-old little girl when she snuggles up to console him. Shortly thereafter, he and his wife inform little Shaleen that they have repented of all their vices and entered Christian life in the ministry of young evangelist Jimmy Freeland.

Nine years later, after a meteoritic rise from Major to General, Kusterman is a politically-powerful Pentagon officer, darling of the Christian Right, and overtly being groomed to take a Senate seat from his home state. When he suddenly shoots himself, apparently over a minor discrepance concerning one of his medals, tabloid reporter Robin Gamble is not convinced. Robin attends a Pentagon press briefing by one of the General’s aides – Maj. Aida Luceville. Confronted privately, she tells him to accept the medal story, and she seduces him.

Robin tries to interview Mrs. Sally Kusterman, but instead finds Shaleen, pumping iron in a bikini at the family home adjacent to the school she attends. She shows him the General’s office, and initiates steps which will lead him to find the General’s secret vice – a porno website about a German girl named Daggi. The shtick is like 1950’s “True Detective” stuff – a high-ranking Nazi officer dominating a milkmaid, scanty-uniformed amazons torturing GI Joe, etc.

A series of peculiar thefts of exotic pets points to a blood-sacrifice cult, and Robin begins to suspect Reverend Jimmy Freeland of some kind of conspiracy to drum up fear of Satanists and use the General’s death as a way of launching himself into the Senate seat. He probes deeper. Believing the German girl Daggi may be somehow involved in the conspiracy – and used the website as a way of communicating with or controlling Kusterman – he tries to contact Daggi, and is given an address to go to in Washington.

At the attic studio where Daggi’s show is produced, he discovers Daggi is a role played by Shaleen. She dares him to get on-camera, chains him against a canvas and whips him with paint, then seduces him live. She tells him the show is just her escape, and she didn’t know her father watched it.

Fearing for Shaleen’s safety, Robin follows Maj. Aida Luceville – and discovers she is a sexual psychopath who exposes herself to rape and then kills the rapist in the act. Watching, he is shamed that he feared to run to help her, then horrified when her homicidal intent is revealed.

When he tries to warn Shaleen, he finds she has left him a videotape. To his horror, it is a recording of Shaleen approaching and seducing her father, and of him succumbing to the temptation.

He hurries to Daggi’s studio, where he finds the stage set for a Satanist ritual, and Shaleen and Aida in bed together before the throne. So, they admit, the intrepid reporter has solved the mystery and knows the whole story –the General killed himself when Shaleen confronted him with the tape proving him a pervert. Aida gets herself off by hunting rapists – so is that all right, or not? Does he sell the story, or does he keep the secret and join them? He tells them he must escape and turn them in. Though he fights hard, they overpower him, chain him to the sacrificial X-cross, and inform him he will be on the cover of his tabloid tomorrow. “Is this where the reporter gets away and the bad girls die in the burning building?” they ask him. No, they expect to get away with it all, they tell him, and they have plans to do away with both Shaleen’s mother and her new lover, Rev. Jimmy Freeland, one by disease and the other by accusation. We know they will succeed, and we have seen the origin of a new breed of super-villains.

One of them puts a knotted scarf around his neck, and the other seductively embraces him. “I forgive you,” he cries, as they finish him off.

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