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Two brothers vie for championship, love, and their father's respect, risking all in a new form of airshow dogfighting in this CGI-driven extreme sports action drama. Mix Death Of A Salesman, East Of Eden, and Rollerball on wings.

Set in present time, it is sci-fi that might have happened. The airplanes and the sport are plausible, and have become a popularized NasCar-like sport, its champions a new breed of extreme-sports celebrities. Settings include the sport's home base, Santa Teresa Airport, New Mexico (home of the War Eagles Museum), a larger big-city airshow event, one of the big casino hotels of Las Vegas NV, an event at the flats of Pahrump outside of Las Vegas, and the outlaw competition event at some remote airfield in Mexico.

When wannabe fighter pilot Robbie Castle wins the lottery, he hires old war buddy F-15 ace Col. Ben Lomas to help him create a new kind of flying motorcycle airplane for airshow dogfighting. His two sons vie for championship of the popular new extreme sport. Older Todd is the first champion, and he loves being made into a media "rock star" personality. When quiet younger brother Chad beats him in the high arena, Todd turns outlaw, and is exploited by Ben's Las Vegas cronies flying dangerous outlaw fights. Feckless teen heart-throb Delia Wharton plays them against each other for her own celebrity, and Chad finds a real friend and finally romance in Kelly Robinson, the first female Pitbull pilot. When a friend dies trying to match her extreme skill, Kelly retires griefstricken from the sport. When Chad learns the truth about Ben's underworld connections, his plans to exploit an armed version of the sports planes as Third World population control, and his intention to get Todd killed to win a bet in a rigged skydiving race, this CGI-driven action drama is swept to its tragic conclusion. Robbie is killed trying to stop Ben by attacking his LearJet in an antique Mig-17. Chad heroically saves Todd's life, but villain Ben gets away to motivate the sequel.

This screenplay presumes the extreme dogfighting flying sequences would be created using models, mockups, and CGI technology. The principal designs for the revolutionary new motorcycle-like ultralight soaring plane and airshow mini-fighter are the author's, called Skycyks, employing his considerable aviation background. Looking like a sleek modern cross between an aerobatic biplane and a dirt bike, the Pitbull is a small composite-structure canard-configuration biplane, driven by a ducted fan. The Harlequin is a similar airplane, but with a wide sailplane wing, intended for assisted soaring, not dogfighting. These designs are technically feasible, and they could very likely be built and flown, though it would be close to impossible and extremely dangerous to actually perform the way they are called to in the film, even with tested prototypes and highly skilled pilots.

In addition, it should be expected that using the same CGI imagery and some of the film's pilot characters, a flight-simulator dogfighting video game would be concurrently released, played by the same rules as the tournaments in the film.

Principal Cast:

ROBBIE CASTLE, mid-40's, was Ben's back-seat guy in an F-15, a wannabe pilot. Inventor of the Pitbull and the new sport.

COL. BEN LOMAS, 50ish, retired fighter pilot and businessman, hired by Robbie to be the CEO of his new industry.

TODD CASTLE, 21, good looking athlete, extrovert, playboy, loves the celebrity of being the first "Buck Ace" champion.

CHAD CASTLE, 19, tall and slender, quiet and tolerant of his brother's egotism, he is the best Pitbull pilot ever, and defeats him for the title.

DELIA WHARTON, 18, sexy ex-cheerleader, school friend of Todd and Chad; she seduces them both and plays them against each other.

KELLY ROBINSON, 23, good looking, athletic, the first female Pitbull pilot and contender for the title of "Buck Ace".

BETH CASTLE, 40, attractive but not showy, Robbie's quiet and patiently supportive wife.

BOGO BOGDANOVIC, 40ish, tall, well-dressed, darkly handsome, athletic, Ben's connection to the Las Vegas underworld.

XANDRA D'AMATO, 30, showgirl attractive but professionally attired casino junior executive who works for Ben.

Others include:

"GAVILAN" FLORES, 25, the first Pitbull pilot from Mexico.
GEORGE HARREY, 35, the oldest Pitbull pilot.
SID RATHMAN, 23, contender for the Buck Ace title.
OSA GEORGI, 22, a female student pilot.
"KAMIKAZI" SAKATA, 40ish, a Japanese daredevil skydiving racer.

Celebrities used in TV talk show cameos:


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