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A Screenplay By James Nathan Post

This is the screen adaptation of the author's published novelette.
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This is a light, soft-sexy, slightly-silly urban comedy set in Nevada in modern time. Locations include the Budwalkers' house in Reno, an office party, a remote cafe in the Nevada desert, and a nearby deserted deep open mine shaft. Much of the action is on the road across Nevada in a van.


As the title suggests ("We're not spring chickens any more."), the story revolves around a middle-class couple confronting "middle-age crazy," and another younger but more sophisticated couple amusing themselves by helping them get through it. Bud and Vera Budwalker, who always been faithful, decide (independently) to try having an affair. They unwittingly make dates with Bud's secretary Julie, and with her husband consultant Phillip, whom Vera met at an office party, to meet at their time-share condo in Las Vegas, having given each other excuses for not being there. Aware of the mix-up, and greatly amused, Phillip and Julie show up at Budwalkers' house as though nothing was wrong at all, and they all depart together in the van, the Budwalkers each trying to preserve their secrets from the other.

Traveling together to a bungled double-cheat rendezvous at a time-share condo, they pick up car-failure stranded Preacher Barham, clearly a phony. He is a car dealer from Reno carrying a package he thinks is cocaine in his hollow Bible, but is deadly poisoned, suckered into a deadly scam. They also pick up Cathy Stenlow, a desperate runaway young "host mother" about to deliver the heir to half of Texas -- with sinister agents hot on her trail. Cathy took the job of carrying the baby for the money, then overheard that the client was sterile, so she knows the baby is actually hers. She has fled the hospital into the desert, hitch-hiking in labor. The client is Morgana Byrd, widow of billionnaire ex-governor of Texas, who needs the baby as heir to the fortune, and who has sent ruthless agents out looking for her.

They stop at a cafe on the desert highway, where the baby is delivered, and Dr. Kendall arrives in his little VariEze sport airplane to confess that he botched the conception with Gov. Byrd's sperm bank deposit, so the baby is hers and his, not Byrd's. They all flee together in the little airplane. Alerted by her agents, Morgana departs in her antique P-51 fighter plane, headed for the roadside cafe, ready to shoot them down. Confronted by the bikers, the agents, and the childbirth, Bud comes through gallantly to impress Vera, and with the help of Phillip and Julie, they all resolve their differences happily, and continue on to enjoy the vacation at the condo. Saved by his close shave with the deadly package in his Bible, Barham decides to become a preacher for real, and he leaves all behind and takes to the road as a hitch-hiking apostle.

Principal cast:

PHINAS "BUD" BUDWALKER, 40s, not bad looking, in corporate junior management.

VERA BUDWALKER, 40's, still attractive, kids growing up. Thinks she deserves a little fling.

PHILLIP VAUGHN, late 30s, good looking, strong, confident, a higher-paid consultant.

JULIE VAUGHN, late 30's, very attractive, bright, flirty.

CATHY STENLOW, mid 20's, a young host-mother, hours from delivering her baby.

PREACHER "HONEST BILLY" BARHAM, 40's, tall, skinny, nervous, speaks with a lisp.

DR. CHESTER KENDALL, 30, nice looking, earnest young doctor.

MORGANA BYRD, 70's, slim, fit, an aggressive CEO type, widow of Texas governor, pilot of a vintage P-51.

AGENT GORDON, 40s, burrhead, overweight, rumpled suit, Morgana's private investigator on the case.

OTHERS include BARTENDER MARTINEZ, WAITRESS DORIA, three bikers SLUDGE, WEASEL, and GLITCH, cocaine hustlers SLICK and SMOOTH, and a pair of elderly WINOS.

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