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A Screenplay By James Nathan Post


This heartwarming Mexican old west fantasy comedy takes place in and around the tiny one-plaza Mexican border village of Lastima in the mid-1800's. Last year, they were in Mexico, and this year, with the treaty signed, they are now part of the USA.


Cabrito is a half-breed outcast town drunk chile farmer who meets the Devil on a tequila binge, catches him in his bear trap, and deals with him for his horse. When the Devil breaks free, Cabrito promises to become a priest in order to be rescued from him. The people of the town are amused at his attempts to act like a priest, and impressed by the incredible horse Cesar.

All of the characters in the story are Mexican, except the Anglo General at the Fort, and his Buffalo Cavalry Soldiers, who are all black, and masters of rifle drill. Among the villagers is Corona Baca, the female lead, who is a very large bachelorette who runs the bakery at the La Fuente bar and restaurant, Emilio Sapogrande, the young clerk with ambitions to be mayor, Pancho Huarache, the young revolutionary, Flaco the philosopher, Concha the waitress, Romero the banker, and others.

When the horse becomes a terrible nuisance to Cabrito and destroys his chile field and home, he tries to sell him, but the horse will not permit anyone to ride him. Corona, it happens, is able to talk to the horse, and knows he won't be sold, but could be won. She goes to the Cavalry fort and challenges the General to a race between Cesar (ridden by Sapogrande) and the General's champion quarterhorse Gunpowder. She makes a bet with him, and then goes to Corporal Geronimo Jones, the supply clerk who does the shady dealing for the soldiers, and she makes a bet with him. She reveals to Cabrito that the bets depend on Cesar's having agreed with her to throw the race, so as to be won by the General, and free of the chile-farming priest he hates.

At the last minute, Cabrito announces that he is going to enter the race, riding on his tired old broken-down plug Huevon. As the race progresses, old Huevon talks to Cesar, flattering him and exhorting him to show off. Cesar drives Gunpowder to collapse in exhaustion. Huevon then points out that Cesar has agreed to throw the race, and must do so to such an old plug as himself. "It's not fair," he says. "You should jump from the rim of the high black mesa and fly to the finish line to show them your power." Cesar, all puffed up, tries it, and falls to his end.

Corona ends up with all the money, and marries the ambitious Sapogrande who becomes the mayor. Cabrito rides a horse that could beat no horse against a horse that no other horse could beat, and wins. He is established as the town's new priest, and all the right couples end up together too. The General announces the Gadsden purchase has just made the town part of the USA, and he is now in charge. Everybody is off to a new beginning.

Principal cast:

CABRITO, curlyhaired graying short stocky Indian/Italian, a drunken chile farmer.

CORONA BACA, 30's, very large, strong, and confident woman, runs the bakery and the bar.

ARTURO MELENDREZ, 50's, big and genial, the Mayor of Lastima, and owner of the bar.

ALONSO ROMERO, 50's, slender and dapper, the town banker.

EMILIO SAPOGRANDE, 30, not bad looking if a bit soft, the banker's clerk, hopes to run for office someday.

CORPORAL GERONIMO JONES, 30, short Apache, raised by whites, now the Cavalry Quartermaster Corporal.

GENERAL BURWELL COOLEY, 40's, a white man, thin, tall, fond of parades and ceremonies, and horse races.

PANCHO HUARACHE, 25, slim and mustachioed, fancies himself a revolutionary.

CONCHA, 20's, very attractive, the waitress at the bar.

FLACO, 30s, slender town troubador, guitar plucker, and philosopher.

THE DEVIL, appears as a Spaniard, a Conquistador.

OTHERS include the townfolk of Lastima and the company of black BUFFALO SOLDIERS at the US Cavalry fort.

The Horses:

CESAR, a great strong black stallion, The Devil's Own Horse.

HUEVON, a bony broken-down old plug, Cabrito's own horse.

GUNPOWDER, a fine Quarterhorse, the fastest in the Cavalry, the General's horse.

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