A Mystery In New Mexico

by James Nathan Post

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This fast-moving character-packed mystery is warm hearted and humorous, but thrilling and suspenseful, informative, and chock full of challenging ideas and viewpoints. It showcases the broad spectrum of New Mexico culture, from the Anasazi to the Space Age. Raised at White Sands a rocket base kid, Lily Ann Bailey learned at the age of 30 that her blood father was Indian. At the Indian traderís store where she works in Albuquerque, she saw some crystals, precious gems, that just didnít seem right. When her childhood friend Cati, a research engineer, is found murdered in the desert apparently the victim of drugs and gangs, Lily Ann finds herself at the center of an astonishing plan that could change the world forever.

Murder By Starlight was written to enter as a New Mexico mystery novel in the prestigious New Mexico Book Awards contest in 2011. As New Mexico has been on the cutting edge of science fact and science fiction from the days of the Clovis point to the rocket men and the alien invasion of Roswell, a book about this state's culture can hardly leave all that out, so it was also added in the Science Fiction category, in which it was a FINALIST. What a pleasure to be recognized when the competition included so many of the state's most accomplished authors, and Murder By Starlight is mostly just for fun, an exciting ride with unexpected viewpoints, and a great gift book for the visitor to New Mexico, whether in person or in print.

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