James Nathan Post

Gemstones were among the first media of exchange,and also among the first objects used as amulets, and thus have long been known to have properties beyond their simple physical characteristics. They have been prized for beauty, mystical protection, healing qualities, and as symbols of social status and wealth.

Early cultures created jewelry of gemstones, and also made the carved stone seals which became the identification mark of merchants and authorities. In Egypt and the Mid-east, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Obsidian were among the first stones to appear in the tombs, along with Agate, Jasper, Carnelian, Amethyst, Garnet, Amber, Coral, and Pearl. In China, Jade was prized above other stones, and has been worked there over 4000 years. The Lapis Lazuli mines of Badakhshan in Afghanistan were described by Marco Polo in 1271. They have been worked almost 6000 years, and produced the stone called Sapphire in the Bible, which was prized as jewelry by Assyrian and Babylonian cultures.

In the book of Exodus, God instructs his priests to hire the jewelers to make a special Breastplate to be worn by the High Priest when performing in his office. It was to be made of four rows of stones, three in each row, and each engraved with the name of one of the tribes of Israel. The twelve stones were:




There is some considerable controversy over the actual stones referred to, as the "Sapphire" is considered to have meant "Lapis Lazuli", and the "Topaz" to have meant "Peridot", for example.

In Revelation, certain gems were named as the foundation stones of the Divine City, New Jerusalem. The twelve stones listed were:




Medieval altars were adorned with seven precious stones, symbolizing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit:

  • Diamond for fortitute;
  • Sapphire for wisdom;
  • Ruby for devotion;
  • Topaz for knowledge;
  • Emerald for understanding;
  • Amethyst for good counsel;
  • Moonstone for fear of God.

Some early Christian carvings of Bloodstone represent the head of Jesus, with the red spots signifying drops of blood. The vestiments of officers of the church are often adorned with many precious stones. Bishops wear rings of Amethyst; Cardinals wear rings of Sapphire; the Pope wears an Emerald.


  • January -- Garnet
  • February -- Amethyst
  • March -- Aquamarine
  • April -- White Sapphire
  • May -- Emerald
  • June -- Alexandrite
  • July -- Ruby
  • August -- Peridot
  • September -- Blue Sapphire
  • October -- Pink Zircon
  • November -- Golden Topaz
  • December -- Green Zircon





A black and a white stone used together comprise a Janusary pair, and may be used for rites of passage. Perhaps the best pairs of black/white stones are:

  • A carbon pair: Diamond and Coal
  • A silicon pair: Quartz and Obsidian
  • A calcium pair: Pearl and Black Coral
















Agate, a variety of chalcedony, is named for the river Aschates in Sicily, where polished pebbles of the stone were found in ancient times. Agate comes in many colors and designs, some translucent, some opaque. Some have fern-like mineral inclusions called dendrites, which look like miniature forests. Others may even have inclusions of such native metals as silver, gold or copper. Agate has long been known as a very auspicious and ameliorative amulet stone. Agate is named in the Bible as one of the gemstones in the Breastplate of the High Priest. Though neither precious nor scarce, it has been highly valued by those who believe stones exert an effect on those who wear or carry them. Queen Elizabeth I was presented an Agate by Archbishob Parker along with a manuscript describing its mystical powers to strengthen body and mind, impart courage, and facilitate the ability to discern truth and accept circumstances. Agate promotes grace, manners, intelligence, prosperity, longevity, fertility, and good health, most of which were certainly evident in Her Majesty's life. Agate, like bread, is very basic, very simple, yet very strong, grounding but energetic. Agate is for fertility, and may be bound to the horns of cattle or other animals for that purpose. Agate may be worn at night to cure insomnia and promote good dreams, and a dream of Agate means a journey, advancement, or step of growth. An Agate which has the shape of an eye is called an Eye of Aschates, and a person who looks into one will be compelled to speak the truth. As a candle Heartstone, it is a protection against unseen evil, and against lies. The ancient Magi of Persia burned Agates to ward off storms and natural catastrophe. An Agate Heartstone may be used to pray for good weather for sailors, fliers, and farmers. Red Agate protects against spiders, mosquitos, leeches, and vampires. A Red Agate Heartstone will protect against literal and psychic bloodsuckers, or may be used by the same to draw prey. Yellow Agate strengthens gums and teeth. Green Agate protects against eye diseases, and imparts vision, literal and psychic. A Green Agate Heartstone may be used to assist in clairvoyant work, dowsing, or creative writing. Brown Agate protects a warrior from wounds, and reduces menstrual flow, by staunching the flow of blood. A Brown Agate Heartstone may be used to pray for one in danger, or to "cool off" someone who is too hotblooded. Moss Agate worn on the upper arm, or used as a Heartstone, increases growing power of the wearer's plants. Black Agate is good for the heart, especially if it has veins of red or white. A Black AgateHeartstone might be used to pray for health of the physical heart, or of the psychic heart.


A vafiety of Chrysoberyl, it is deep green. Under "black light", it is bright raspberry red. Named for then-future-Czar Alexander II in 1831, it was popular in Russia as a bearer of good fortune. Alexandrite aids internal and external regeneration, has a particularly strong influence on the spleen and pancreas. Having power from both Green and Red energies, it is not only a strong healer of the physical body, it is also very useful in helping to align the mental and emotional energies of the Magician, as when pursuing spiritual transformation and regeneration.


Amber is a fossilized form of tree resin. When this beautiful honey-like substance is rubbed, it develops a static charge which will enable it to pick up small particles of paper or other substances. The Greek name for Amber is "electros", from which we get "electricity"-which literally means "the property of Amber". Pieces of Amber with fossilized insects inside hold special mystical properties, especially for those who practice ritual magic using animal totems, eg, bee/wasp, sheep/goat, ant/scarab clan magic. The Shah of Persia (now Iran) was reputed to possess a cube of Amber which fell from the heavens during the time of Mohammed. The cube is a sacred shape to Moslems. Its primary mystical use has been in the field of healing. It has been attributed to the amelioration of blood and kidney disorders, tonsilitis, and nasal and upper respiratory ailments. Each of these is associated with elimination of wastes and toxins-cleansing. Amber likewise exerts a cleansing influence on the psychic body. It is especially useful in therapy or meditation intended to remove the emotional charge associated with past pain. A Black candle with an Amber Heartstone would be excellent for this purpose. Likewise, the spiritualizing of the intellect, as with the rising of Kundalini, is facilitated by the use of Amber in magic celebration. Amber is something from the past which is preserved today, a perpetuation of the past into the future. As a consequence, Amber is strongly associated with sexuality (that is, with reproduction, not erotics) and its use increases both male and female fertility. A dream of Amber means the return of something preserved from the past.


The most highly prized of the quartz family, Amethyst comes in shades from pale lilac to deep purple. It is found throughout the world, prized as natural crystals, or carved into charms, vases, and jewelry. Amethyst is one of the gems of the Breastplate in The Bible. It is also known as the "Bishop's Stone", as a ring with an Amethyst setting is worn by all Catholic Bishops as a symbol of their moral victory over all worldly indulgences. The name comes from Greek legend. Drunken Bacchus in a rage once vowed to avenge an insult upon the next passer-by, who happened to be the beautiful young maiden Amethyst. When Bacchus loosed his dogs on her, the goddess Diana turned her into a clear crystal to protect her. Once sober, Bacchus repented of his cruelty and poured his wine on her, turning the stone purple. In Greece, it was thereafter believed that wearing an Amethyst, or drinking from an Amethyst chalice, would prevent drunkenness. This practice is most efficacious if the chalice is very small, and filled only once. Amethyst is prized as a curative against intemperance, intoxication, strong passions, over- indulgence, and sorcery. It helps to prevent depression (indulgence in negative emotions), promotes spiritual vision and increased mental powers. Amethyst calms nerves, treats overindulgence, strengthens endocrine and immune systems. It is also used as a blood cleanser to assist those who have overindulged, and can assist in purification and regeneration on all levels of consciousness. Amethyst enhances right brain activity and stimulates pineal and pituitary glands, and is therefore very helpful in treating mental disorders. Rosicrucians acknowledge Amethyst as a symbol of love, truth, passion, suffering, and hope. Used in the 15th century to control evil thoughts, quicken intelligence, and in association with swallows' feathers, as a shield against sorcery, Amethyst transmutes one's lower nature into the more highly refined aspects of human potential. Physical representative of the Violet Ray of alchemy and transformation, it cuts through illusion, and enhances psychic abilities. Its calming, protective qualities make the stone an excellent tool for meditation, and greatly facilitate the Magician's channeling abilities. Associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, Amethyst is a gem of chastity, healing, divine love, inspiration, and intuition. A dream of Amethyst means freedom from harm.


A blue-green variety of transparent beryl, the stone is used to treat jaundice, liver, stomach, and digestive tract disorders, kidneys, spleen, and thyroid...also to promote hope, strengthen the will, reconcile rifts in marriage. As a purifying agent, it enhances clarity of mind, aids creative self-expression. Physical/ emotional/ mental balancer. Helps banish fears and phobias. Excellent for meditation, inspiration, calmness. Chakras: throat, solar plexus. Aquamarine, called a stone of inspiration, is the accepted birthstone for March, and is associated with the water-sign Pisces. It is the protector of sailors, and Amulets made with Aquamarine protect travelers from accidents of folly. One famous Aquamarine is two inches square, and was worn in the tiara of Pope Julius II. A dream of Aquamarine means new friends from afar.


Azurite is a brilliant deep blue crystal found in copper deposits. Mined today in New Mexico and Arizona, but widely found throughout the world. It is a stone surrounded with mystery, and its ritual uses seem to be guarded, kept esoteric. Ancient Greece called the stone Caeruleum, and used it in healing. It is often associated with legend or channeled information concerning Atlantis. Edgar Cayce recommended Azurite for psychic development, referring to it in his readings as Lapix Linguis. Azurite enhances flow of energy through nervous system (because of copper content). Helps body utilize oxygen. Strengthens blood. Facilitates clear meditation. Cuts through illusion. Enhances psychic abilities, initiates transformation. Cleanses mental body. Inspiration, creativity, intuition. Chakras: third eye, throat. A dream of Azurite means a new teacher.


Beryl occurs in hexagonal crystals of varying shades of blue-green. It is a stone which promotes marital harmony, fortifies the will, reduces idleness and stupidity, protects against evil gossip, and promotes the resolution of debates and arguments. A dream of Beryl means happiness in near future.


Bloodstone is a variety of dark green quartz with small inclusions of red Jasper, resembling drops of blood. In Christian cultures, the drops are often attributed to the bleeding of Jesus on the cross, and the stone thus takes on very special significance in rituals of mystical sacrifice. In ancient Greece, it was called Heliotrope-which means "sun-turn"-and the red drops were used to symbolize captured sun-power. In Babylonia, the sun/blood power symbolized in this stone was used in ritual to cause severe weather, to an enemy's disadvantage. In Europe, the blood magic of Bloodstone is used as a curative for diseases of the blood, and to prevent bleeding during childbirth. Amulets of Bloodstone are especially prized among warriors who religiously serve a cause, and who must bare their bodies to the sword in the line of duty. Bloodstone is for bleeding, and for cleansing the blood. Bloodstone protects against wounds, and aids in childbirth, strengthens and oxygenates bloodstream. Enhances physical/ mental vitality. Strengthens heart, spleen, bone marrow. Aids in balancing iron deficiencies. Reduces emotional/ mental stress. Powerful physical healer. Stimulates movement of kundalini. Links root chakra with heart. Inner guidance, altruism, idealism. A highly evolved mineral. Chakras: root, heart. Dreams of the future come to those who sleep with a Bloodstone under their pillow. A dream of Bloodstone means sad news coming; an unfortunate engagement.


A soft crystalline stone occurring in many pastel colors. Aids kidneys, pancreas, spleen. Balances male/female polarities. Alleviates fear, reduces stress. Emotionally balancing. Grounds excess energy. Increases capacity for astral projection, awareness of lightness. Works with chakras and attitudes according to color of stone.


Carnelian is a member of the quartz family, semi-transparent, ranging in color from pink to red, light yellow to deep orange. It takes a high polish, carves well, and has long been used for signet stones and seals. In The Bible, it was called Sardius, and was the first stone designated for the Breastplate of Aaron. An historically famous Carnelian was an octogonal seal worn by Napoleon I, Napoleon III, and the Prince Imperial. Found in the Egyptian desert, it was inscribed, "Abraham the slave, trusting in Merciful God." It was taken from the body of the Prince by victorious Zulu warriors, and has not been revealed since. In Egypt, certain insects and other animals were carved from Carnelian and placed in tombs and graves to convey certain advantages to the dead in the realm of Osiris. Chaldean magic practitioners gave gifts of Carnelian to their enemies to render them harmless, and the stone was worn as protection against evil, curse or hex, rage, or passionate ill will. Carnelians give courage, long life, and protect against tricks of the Devil. Carnelian should be used by one who must speak with a strong and sure voice; it protects against verbal timidity. Moslems regard Carnelian a strong talisman because it is believed that Mohammed wore a ring with a Carnelian seal. The stone is regarded as a protection against the sin of envy. The Prophet wore Carnelian-wearing the same, whom could one envy? Carnelian is antidote to poisons. Like Bloodstone, it is a variety of Chalcedony quartz associated with the health of the blood. A very highly evolved mineral healer, it energizes blood, aids kidneys, liver, lungs, gallbladder, and pancreas. Aids tissue regeneration. Vitalizes physical/ emotional/ mental bodies. Aligns physical and etheric bodies. Enhances attunement with inner self. Facilitates concentration. Opens the Heart. Warming, social, joyous. Chakras: navel solar plexus, heart. A dream of Carnelian means impending misfortune.


Chrysoprase, Carnelian, Agate, and Bloodstone are all types of Chalcedony, a variety of quartz, which is a crystal form of a compound of the same silicon which is used in computer chips. The stone is mentioned many times in The Bible, and has been used as a symbol for charity by the Catholic Church. It has long been a favorite "good luck amulet" among sailors of the Mediterranean. Chalcedony gives vigor and treats lunacy. Chalcedony drives away demons. A dream of Chalcedony means renewing old friendship.


A blue stone sometimes found near deposits of Turquoise (and considered an impurity by Turquoise collectors). Softer than Turquoise, Chrysocolla aids in preventing ulcers, digestive problems, arthritic conditions, and the like associated with nervous stress reactions. Strengthens thyroid gland. Excellent for ovarian irregularity, infertility. It acts upon the nervous system in a calming manner, and so alleviates fears, guilt, tension. Helps clear subconscious imbalances. Amplifies throat chakra - creative expression, power, communication. Joy, emotional balance. Chakras: heart, throat.


Apple green form of Chalcedony, its name is Greek for "golden green". Found mostly in Silesia, where deposits have become exhausted, it has become a rare gemstone. Alexander the Great is said to have favored this stone, and it is mentioned several times in The Bible. It is called the sacred stone of St. Thaddaeus. Balances neurotic patterns. Eases depression and sexual imbalance. Fertility. Calming, balancing, healing for physical/ emotional/ mental bodies. Helps one see clearly into personal problems. Brings out inner talents. Lightheartedness, serene joy. Chakra: heart. Wearing Chrysoprase will make one invisible.


Native Copper metal, sometimes found in mineral shops in beautiful dendritic form, is very useful in mineral magic. The stones containing Copper compounds are often used in ritual to influence the nervous system. It conducts and supplies strong energies to body and mind, aids in the regulation of the metabolism, and unhances the body's ability to detoxify itself. Aid for chronic exhaustion and sexual impotence or disinterest. Aligns physical/emotional bodies. Raises self-esteem. Though its softness and readiness to react with the salts and acids of the body make Copper inferior as jewelry, it has long been worn in form of bracelets or rings to treat arthritis and bursitis. Copper candleholder or native Copper nugget Heartstone would be appropriate where the term "down to earth" is called for.


Like Amber, Coral is not a geological gemstone, but a product of a living organism. It is the collective skeleton of a vast community of sea creatures, in a way very much like the concrete and steel living mass of the inner city. (This fact makes Coral very useful in ritual where the concept of "community" is called for.) It comes in many colors, including brilliant examples in white, black, and red. One of the names given to Coral by the Greeks is Gorgeia, on the supposition that when Perseus hung the viper-locked head of the Gorgon Medusa on a branch by the sea, the blood which dripped from it took root, and became Coral. It is strong magic for helping to keep one from turning to stone, and is thus a symbol for rememberance - red for memory in passion, white for memory in purity, and black for one remembered and released into the hands of God who has not been returned by the sea. Polynesians used Coral for protection against the perils of the sea - shipwreck, storm, and lightning. It is a favorite among sailors the world over as a special gift to be worn by those who remain behind on the beach, as a symbol of their hope for the safe return of their intrepid seafarer. Coral is used in blood disorders, madness, and teething pain. Coral protects from disaster from fire or water, and stills tempests. Coral is worn by both women and men to promote fertility, and is especially effective for the signs of Taurus and Libra. A dream of Coral means (red) recovery from illness, (pink) exotic sexual pleasure, (white) unfaithfulness, and (black) forgiveness.


Diamonds are a crystal form of pure carbon - exactly as Coal is a form of carbon. The nameis Greek, meaning "unconquerable". Diamonds have long had great value as symbols of fidelity in marriage. Diamonds in crystal purity are a symbol of true faith and promise, the Birthstone of April, the beginning of Spring, and associated with the sign of Aries. They have been said to avert evil, and drive away ghosts (or attract them, as Diamonds have been the cause of many an untimely death). Queen Elizabeth I wore a Diamond pendant to ward off the plague. Napoleon carried a sword with a Diamond on the hilt. Hindus are reported to believe using a flawed Diamond for healing ritual could make the disease worse. Stolen Diamonds lose their power to heal. Diamond is not always a bearer of good fortune. The first owner of one very special Diamond was robbed by his son and driven into exile; the stone was bought by Louis XIV and worn by Marie Antoinette; bought by an Amsterdam gem cutter, who was robbed by his son and died in poverty; the son committed suicide; was owned by a Russian prince who was stabbed, a Frenchman who committed suicide, and a Greek merchant who died violently in suspicious circumstances. It is the famous Hope Diamond, bought by the Smithsonian Institute in 1958. Thus Diamond earns a reputation as sharp-edged, cruel, implacably cutting, sparing none. Diamond is for courage, steadfastness, and invincibility. Aids alignment of cranial bones. Breaks up blockages in crown chakra and in the personality. Master healer. Dispels negativity. Purifies physical/ etheric bodies. Reflects will and power aspects of God. Enhances full spectrum of energies in body/ mind/spirit. Alignment with Higher Self. Abundance, innocence, purity, falthfulness. Chakras: all. To dream of Diamonds is a sign of success, victory over enemies, honor, permanence.


Emeralds are a transprent form of Beryl, in a deep glowing green color. Deep green Emeralds are among the rarest of gems. Emeralds were held sacred by the Incas of South America and the Aztecs of Mexico-where the stones can be found in quantity. However, so thoroughly did the soldiers, missionaries, and diseases of the Europeans destroy these cultures in the act of removing the Emeralds and a few shiploads of loose gold to the courts and cathedrals of Europe that virtually nothing remains to tell of what mystical significance the stone held for them. Emerald is one of the sacred stones of the Breastplate, and is the birthstone for May. Green has been a soothing and healing color as long as such things have been mankind's concern, and no doubt this fact has contributed greatly to the value of these stones. To their healing properties has been attributed cures of One report states that people in ancient Rome believed one who placed an Emerald beneath his tongue could fore tell the future, that an evil sorcerer could not remain in the presence of the stone, and a woman who concealed an Emerald on her body would not be raped. Emerald restores sight, treats epilepsy, liver ailments, dysentery, venomous stings and bites, epilepsy, depression, insanity, and leprosy. Emerald is a shield against poison, plague, and intemperance; an aid in prophecy, enemy of sorcery. Strengthens heart, liver, kidneys, immune system, nervous system. Tonic for body, mind, and spirit. Aids alignment of subtle bodies. Enhances dreams, meditation, deeper spiritual insight, and represents the potential of divinity within us. Prosperity, love, kindness, tranquility, balance, healing, patience. Strong emotional balancer. Chakras: heart, solar plexus. A dream of Emerald means inheritance, good fortune, and the power of prophecy.


Soft crystalline stone, occurs in several colors, usually very pale. Strengthens teeth and bones. Improves absorption of vital nutrients. Beneficial for blood vessels and spleen. Grounds excess energy. Excellent for advancement of mind, greater concentration, meditation. Because of its double-refractive nature, it simulates a multiple viewpoint, and therefore helps one grasp higher, more abstract concepts. Facilitates interdimensional communication. Powerful healer. Works with chakras and attitudes according to color of stone.


Garnets come in a wide variety of colors, and are usually small and brilliant when properly cut. The most popular are deep red, and as ritual stones, have many of the same properties as Ruby. In the Bible are many references to Carbuncles, which were Garnets cut as a cabochon (smooth domed oval). They are related to light in myth. A Garnet pendant helps the wearer to see in the dark. Garnet is the third stone decreed for the Breastplate of the High Priest, the birthstone for January, and is associated with Capricorn. Garnets were very popular as jewelry in Victorian England, and were reported to attract the admiration of the opposite sex. Garnets are a preventive against skin diseases. Garnet is for snakebite, poison,hormonal upset. Garnet frees the wearer from nightmares, and arouses the passion. Strengthens, purifies, vitalizes and regenerates bodily systems, especially the bloodstream. Has strong affinity with root chakra, helping to harmonize the potent forces of the Kundalini. Stimulates pituitary gland. Aligns subtle bodies. Love, compassion. Enhances imagination. Chakras: root, heart. A dream of Garnet means solution of mystery; establishment of institution.


Native Gold metal (unmelted natural nuggets are best) purifies and energizes physical body, improves circulation, strengthens nervous system. Balances and develops heart chakra. Balances hemispheres of brain. Aids tissue regeneration. Attracts positive energy into aura. Amplifies thought forms. Aids personal illumination. Solar energy, male aspect. Chakras: navel, heart, and crown. A dream of Gold means a desire to increase one's value to others through service.


This soft white stone occurs in large, usually crumbly crystals, and also in the form of the small rounded grains of New Mexico's White Sands National Monument. Immersion in this sand is highly beneficial to the strength of teeth and bones, and is a good treatment for arthritis and other such calcium-processing disorders. Since it is illegal to remove the sand from its unique natural location, a visit to the place is called for. (You might empty your shoes after such a visit for a bit to use in candle-making.)


This form of iron oxide-rust-has a particularly positive effect upon blood. It occurs in colors from dark red to silver-black, and makes excellent and healthful jewelry. Hematite activates spleen, and increases resistance to stress. Helps to circulate oxygen throughout body. Strengthens physical and etheric bodies. Energizing, vitalizing. Enhances personal magnetism, optimism, will, courage. Strongly grounding, it is a powerful stone for those attracted to it, particularly warriors, animal handlers, and predator-clan shamans. A dream of Hematite means mortal combat.


Not a Diamond at all, but a special form of Quartz crystal, pointed on both ends. Same qualities as other clear Quartz crystals, but a particularly strong amplifier of thought forms. Enhances inner vision. Increases awareness of dreams. Sometimes called "dream crystals" because they store thought forms and information, they are "psychic virus" crystals which can impart thought forms and dreams to other crystals. (Use a Herkimer Heartstone to "record" the intention of your Celebration, then place the enchanted Herkimer in ritual contact with another stone you might bestow as a talismanic gift.) Chakras: all. A dream of Herkimer Diamonds is notice of someone trying to contact you.


Also called "fools gold", this gold-colored metallic crystal is used to protect against crocodiles, snakes, and other reptiles. As an iron compound, it strengthens and oxygenates the blood, and also aids digestion. Enhances brain function. Influences positive outlook on life. Enhances emotional body, strengthens will. Like Gold, it tends one toward service, and helps one's ability to work with others harmoniously. Practicality. Chakras: root, solar plexus, heart. The Chinese regard Pyrite as a good talisman for business. A dream of Iron Pyrite means a lesson in humility.




With the possible exception of Diamond, more books have been written on the virtues and mystical properties of Jade than of any other gem. Jade is regarded as the most noble stone by Chinese. It is very durable and very difficult to carve, and the history of the culture can be traced in its carvings of Jade. Curiously, no Jade is found in China. Jade is used by Maori of New Zealand to create Tiki carvings which are passed from father to son for something akin to the promise of spiritual protection by ancestors-including the father who gave it to one. Chinese poets ascribe to this stone all of the most desirable attributes of man. According to Khivan Ghung (7th Century), all man's cardinal virtues are personified in Jade: smoothness/benevolence, polish/knowledge, firmness/righteousness, spotlessness/purity, visibility of flaws/ingenuousness, ability to pass from hand to hand without soiling/morality, ringing note when struck/music. The name comes from Spanish "piedra hijada", which means "stone of the viscera", referring to its long and widespread use in healing ritual practice. Jade is used to cure all diseases, bring rain, and ensure a long and peaceful life. Jade cures eyes, epilepsy, kidney, and heart. All ills. Strengthens heart, kidneys, immune system, helps cleans blood. Increases longevity and fertility. Aids eye disorders and female problems. Powerful emotional balancer. Radiates divine, unconditional love. Clarity, modesty, courage, justice, wisdom. Peaceful and nurturing. Dispels negativity. Healing affinity will correspond to particular color of stone. It is a deterrent to sorcery, demonic possession, tragedy, and depression. It is worn at night as a deterrent to nightmares and intruders. A dream of Jade means a ministry of healing, a visit by (or to) an old teacher, or a salamander totem.


Deeply colored opaque varieties of Chalcedony are called Jasper, in red, brown, green, and yellow, often in bands of contrasting color. It is an excellent stone for carving, often used for signets and seals. In Russia, Jasper occurs in bands of the Imperial red and green, and is highly treasured. The most spectacular and exquisite Jasper carvings adorn the Kremlin and the cathedrals of the Soviet Union. Much lore surrounding Jasper has to do with the subject matter of carved Jasper. An amulet on which an archer is carved might protect its owner against a particular disease; another bearing a dog, or a stag might protect one from certain kinds of evil demons or influences. One famous Jasper carving is a profile of Louis XIV...with a bright red stripe across his neck. Jasper is also one of the twelve stones of the Breastplate of Aaron. Jasper protects against poison, venomous bites and stings, and blood diseases. Jasper stops bleeding, aids in childbirth. Jasper is carried to relieve pain and ensure good fortune, and is used as an amulet against dysentery, nightmares, and hallucinations. A dream of Jasper means to lose oneself, or disagreement with a lover.


Jet is a form of lignite, fossilized wood, like coal. Its name is taken from Gagas, a place in Asia Minor. It has a deep soft lustre and a rich warm feel. In ancient Greece and in Assyria it was a favorite stone for amulets and talismans, believed to grant power over the elements - earth, air, fire, and water. As a gift, it was alleged to give the donor power over the recipient's mind. In Britain and Ireland, Jet is considered a lucky stone, and the wives of sailors sometimes burn a piece of Jet to protect their husbands at sea. In the early Christain church, it was used to carve the crucifix and rosary. In Victoria's England, it was fashionable to wear Jet as mourning jewelry. Jet helps to relieve headache and other pain, swelling, plague, and labor. Jet amulets please the gods of deep earth; provide power over the elements. A dream of Jet means sorrow.


Lapis Lazuli is an opaque stone of deep blue with flecks of gold and white. It is one of the earliest prized gems, and was used for seals and ornaments in Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, and Greece. The mines in Afghanistan have been worked for 6000 years, and the stone has been found in Siberia, Burma, and Chile. The Emperors of China wore robes decorated with Lapis for their ceremonies in the Temple of Heaven, and the Pharoahs used vast quantities in their ceremonial attire and their elaborate burial paraphrenalia. At one time it was declared only the Royal Family could wear Lapis. Their tombs were filled with carvings of this stone in the form of cats, birds, scarabs, hearts, and eyes, all intended to convey some protection, benefit, or service to the departed spirit of the dead. Long associated with Egyptian Pharoahs, who often wed their sisters, Lapiz Lazuli is useful to counter the ill effects of incest. Lapis Lazuli is for eye diseases, skin, boils, and sores. Energizes throat chakra. Augments strength, vitality, virility. Mental clarity, illumination. Aids psychic abilities and commuication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Creative expression. Lapis Lazuli guards against depression; brings success in chaste love; gives prophetic vision. Chakras: third eye, throat. A dream of Lapis Lazuli means faithful love.


Lodestone is a form of iron ore which can be magnetized. It is dark brown in color, of little use as ornament, but prized for its magnetic property. It is used against diseases of swelling and pain, such as gout, rheumatism, cramps, and arthritis, and is also useful as an aid to memory. Lodestone is also used in rituals of reconciliation-bringing back together-because of its ability to attract. Alexander the Great gave Lodestones to his soldiers because the stones clung to weapons of iron, as symbols of their devotion to their duty. Roman priests seeking to unite religious factions made a statue of Mars in iron and one of Venus in Lodestone, and in the midst of emotionally-charged rites, the two were permitted to move miraculously toward each other and embrace so firmly that the Celebrants were unable to pull them apart. In the Haitian rites of Vodu, Lodestones are used in rituals and spells intended to draw someone to a place, or to conjure demonic powers forth. Lodestone draws the thing desired, and thereby itself is bound. A dream of Lodestone means advancement, attraction, change.


This beautiful stone comes in silky bands of color varying from emerald green to pale apple green. The Egyptians mined it in the Suez as early as 4000 BC. It has been used as a healing stone, and also as a stone of protection from harmful spiritual or magical influences. Beads of Malachite have been fastened to the cradle or crib to protect infants from harm. Malachite, like Jasper, was very popular in Czarist Russia, and large numbers of slaves worked the mines in Siberia to produce rooms in the Imperial Palace in St. Petersburg with entire walls of Malachite. This stone is also significant to Moslems, and it is used in the decoration of many of the most splendid mosques. American Indians of Arizona and New Mexico have had good sources of Malachite, and have used it for jewelry and curative items, though it is not as highly credited among them as is Turquoise. A very powerful agent of green-magic, Malachite aids functions of pancreas and spleen. Reduces stress and tension. Aids tissue regeneration. Strengthens heart, circulatory system, pineal and pituitary glands. Malachite cures colic, cholera, and coughs, and like wolfbane, repels the wicked witch, the demon, and the creeper in shadows. Aids sleep. Vitalizing for body/mind. reveals subconscious blocks. Excellent balancer on all levels. Chakras: heart, solar plexus. A dream of Malachite means an adventure into agriculture, or the unexpected value of a discredited friend.


Fallen stars. Usually of nickel-iron or basalt, often magnetic. There is no better Heartstone for exploring the unknown, particularly the psychic or spiritual unknown, than a Meteorite. It helps reveal past lives from this and other worlds, and enhances connection with extraterrestrial energies. Expands awareness. Chakra: root. A dream of Meteorites (not meteors) means a strong influence from outside your life, as from the remote past, or another dimension.


A unique deep green, silica-based Meteorite that fell to Earth about fifteen million years ago. Aids alignment with Higher Self. An amulet of Moldavite would be very balancing and healing for both the physical body and the mind, and a great aid in channeling extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional sources. Chakra: heart, third eye.


One of the most beautiful and mystical of gemstones, Moonstone is an opalescent variety of Feldspar. Usually white, it sometimes has a pale blue, yellow, or pink cast, and when it is polished and turned to the light, bands of soft color can be seen sweeping across the surface. Chief sources of this stone are Burma, Ceylon, and Madagascar, and it has long been a sacred stone in India, where it is always displayed on the sacred yellow color. It was believed by ancient Greeks and Romans that the stone's power was enhanced by the light of the moon, and that rituals involving the stone should be conducted under full moonlight for best effect. Moonstones are known as stones of prophecy and clairvoyance, giving the wearer power to see the future. Farmers, who are more concerned than others with the cycle of the moon, have long used Moonstones as amulets for good crop growth and weather. They hung Moonstones on their barns and trees. Moonstones are also known as "The Traveler's Stone," and are used as a protection during travel. Pope Leo X was said to own a Moonstone which accurately reported the brilliance of the moon as it changed from new to full. Prayers directed to Gabriel while holding a Moonstone under the tongue have been considered surety that the "angel of the moon" would intercede with God for help. Moonstone holds Diana's power, cycles of the moon, cliarvoyance. Healing affinity with stomach, spleen, pancreas, pituitary gland. Unblocks lymphatic system. Relieves anxiety and stress. Aids birthing process, helps female problems. Emotional balancer, helps lessen tendency to over-react emotionally. Flexibility in attitudes. Aligns emotions with Higher Self. Moonstone is also used in healing ritual for cancer, aenemia, and dropsy. Chakra: heart. A dream of Moonstone means impending danger.


Obsidian is natural glass, formed by volcanic action. It is usually solid black, translucent, and some varieties have a gold or silver metallic sheen when polished. One variety has irregular specks of white like snowflakes. It has been used as a functional stone for thousands of years, as knives, points, hatchets, and also as mirrors. As a natural optical glass, it is sometimes used to make black mirrors for solar observing. In the lore of the American Southwest, tiny oval pebbles of Obsidian polished by the rains in the sandy arroyos are called Apache Tears. They are alleged to have first appeared along the trails where the Indians were driven by zealot missionary settlers and US Cavalry to distant reservations, multiplying their sorrows and reducing their numbers. The broken edge of Obsidian is infinitely sharp; the flat polished surface is infinitely deep. Obsidian is therefore particularly useful in rituals of judgement, apology, atonement, forgiveness, and release. As a polished sphere or flat plate, Obsidian is exceptionally good for scrying (also called crystal-gazing). The black glass is easier to "fall into" than the conventional clear quartz crystal ball. Obsidian beneficially influences stomach and intestines. Connects mind and emotions. Slightly masculine energy. Grounds spiritual energy into physical plane. Absorbs and disperses negativity. Reduces stress. Helps clear subconscious blocks. Brings an understanding of silence and the void. Detachment, but with wisdom and love. Powerful healer for those attuned with it. Chakra: root. A dream of Obsidian means you have been forgiven by someone whom you wronged, a prophetic ministry, or-if the dream Obsidian is broken, or a fashioned blade-a judgement is to be made.


Onyx is a form of Agate with bands of contrasting color, sometimes all white, sometimes green, brown, or black. It is easily carved, and very popular for various commercial items over the centuries-cameos, pipes, beads, amulets, and ritual figures. Today the abundant Mexican Onyx is being spread over the world in the form of sleeping-peon bookends and Mayan-style chess sets. All-black Onyx is called the gem of Saturn, and is used to drive away melancholy and depression. When the stone is banded in red Carnelian and white Onyx, it is called Sardonyx. Rosicrucian tradition calls it "a gem of victorious ecstacy", alleged to bring joyful self-control, in particular with respect to marital fidelity. Hindu astrologers are reported to associate Onyx with the sign of Leo, and consider the stone to keep away undesirable thoughts and bad tempers. In The Bible, Onyx is one of the twelve stones in the Breastplate, and in Revelation it is named as one of the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem. Onyx stabilizes emotional ills, relieves stress. Balances male/ female polarities. Strengthens bone marrow. Aids in detachment. Enhances emotional balance, self-control, higher inspiration. Works with chakras and attitudes to color of stone. A dream of Onyx means a happy marriage.


Opal is a form of quartz with a very high water content in the crystal structure. Though the stone itself has no color at all, the lines of water molecules in the crystal reflect the light and break it into the colors of the spectrum, so the stone flashes with the colors of all the other gems. Also as a result of the irregularities of the water in the crystal, the stone is very fragile, and difficult to work. It is also very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and can be easily scorched by poor workmanship. The same sensitivity makes it react to being worn close to the skin; for this reason it is sometimes called a "live" stone. During the 19th century, Opals became associated with bad luck. Elizabeth Finch suggests this was a ploy by the jewelers to avoid the liability risk they suffered as a result of the very fragile nature of the stone. She also suggests Queen Victoria reversed the trend by giving Opals to members of her court...in order to enhance the value of her Australian Opal mines. According to Edgar Cayce, the Opal bears neither bad luck nor special fortune, but acts to intensify the feeling of the wearer. Used for evil ends, Opal will intensify the negative reaction that all such ill will brings; used with blessing, it is called the stone of hope. The Opal is the subject of much legend and myth, and its use should be very reserved. Opal's fire burns of all gems, the hope of life and glory, the all-consuming. Though it is usually easy to separate the white Opal from the black, the fact of its fire makes this beautiful and mystical stone very unpredictable as a ritual tool. All of the colors may be observed flashing from the depths of an Opal, depending on such variables as the angle of observation, the light source, and the body temperature of the person holding the stone. The use of Opal in ritual is like including a high element of chance-like putting your fate on a roullette wheel. Opal is the birthstone of October, the Venus stone. Opals have had mystical significance associated with the eye,and with vision. They are worn to aid in developing psychic vision, in opening the Third Eye. Opals have also been used to alleviate indigestion as well as treat diseases of the eye. (According to one source, the act of wrapping an Opal in a bay leaf will cloud the sight of one's enemies.) Opal restores dimmed bioforce, its warmth a general curative. Stimulates pineal and pituitary glands. Aids eyesight. Emotional balancer. Enhances intuition. The full spectrum of colors resonates with all chakras. A dream of Opal means wealth, success, prosperity, health.


Pearls are not geological gemstones, but are formed by certain shellfish. They may be any shape, but the most prized are the round or pear-shaped ones. The irregular ones are called baroque Pearls. They come in many colors including pink, yellow, and black, but he most prized are white. Called the Queen of Gems, the Pearl is a symbol of chastity, purity, and innocence. The Pearl is sacred to the Moon and the goddess Diana, of the Greek pantheon. Hindu lore includes Pearls among the five gems in the necklace of Vishnu, and a Pearl suspended on a chain on the forehead is said (like Opal) to enhance the powers of the Third Eye. The Angel Gabriel protects all who wear Pearls. Pearls are the birthstone for June, and the sign of Cancer. There are many references to Pearls in The Bible, including the declaration that each of the twelve doors to the mystical city of New Jerusalem are to be made from one entire Pearl. Pearls are sometimes ground to powder and eaten as a medicine, and some have been dissolved in wine and drunk as medicine and also as an extravagant toast. Pearl cleanses the heart and lungs, restores the body to the sea. A dream of Pearl means friends, social standing, prestige; to break a string is sadness through misunderstanding.


Also called Olivene. Known in ancient times also as Chrysolite and Topaz, this deep-green translucent gemstone was one specially reserved for the family of the Pharoah. They were found on the island of Topazion, off the coast of Egypt, and history reports that persons found on the island without permission were killed on the spot. The most spectacular of the PharoaicChrysolite jewelry now resides in the Treasury of the Magi, in the Cathedral at Cologne. It is the accepted birthstone for August, and has also been called the special gem for the sign of Libra. Peridot's powers are curative (green). The stone protects against night creatures, snakes, fevers, and sorcery. Power is multiplied by setting in gold and exposing to the sun. Balances glandular system. Aids tissue regeneration. Accelerates personal growth, opens new doors of opportunity. Chakras: navel, solar plexus, heart.


This clear ice-like crystal has been valued since the beginnings of mankind's use of ritual magic as a stone of divination. It is the principal stone used for scrying, or crystalgazing, and is often fashioned into perfect speheres. The largest such crystal ball weighs 107 pounds, and is on display in the United States National Museum. Roman noblewomen carried crystal during the heat of summer as a cooling aid, acting on the belief that the stone was a form of very permanent ice. American Indians are reported to treasure crystal for use in ritual medicine, and also for rituals of tribal unity. Modern psyhics are reported to be using this crystal for "networking" world-wide telepathic communication. Crystal is also becoming a regular part of the equipment of many holistic therapists, who use it as an adjunct to various forms of polarity therapy, aura balancing, and certain massage techniques. Edgar Cayce recommended carrying crystal for its protective and healthful properties. Associated with the sign of Aquarius, Quartz Rock Crystal is purity and protection, vision and health. Quartz Crystal enhances the crystalline properties of blood, body, and mind. Stimulates brain functions, amplifies thought forms. Full spectrum energy activates all levels of consciousness. Dispells negativity in personal energy. Excellent for meditation. Enhances interdimensional communication with Higher Self and Spirit guides. Chakras: all. A dream of Quartz Crystal means freedom from enemies and ignorance


Enhances memory and intellectual power. Helps heal emotional wounds and traumas. Aligns subtle bodies. Red/pink color helps to blend courage, will, passion aspects of lower chakras with loving expression of the heart. Divine love, acceptance of self and life. Chakras: root heart.


Improves memory. Eases physical and emotional trauma. Reduces stress, calms mind. Aligns root chakras for bringing love into action and manifestation (red and black variety). Self- esteem, confidence. Enhances energy levels in body and mind. Pink variety (without black) imparts understanding of strength within vulnerability. Great stone for light-workers serving in cities. Chakras: root, heart.


Aids kidneys and circulatory system. Increases fertility. Eases sexual emotional imbalances. Helps clear stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear, jealousy. Reduces tension, cools hot temper. Enhances self-confidence and creativity. Aide development of forgiveness, compassion, love. "Love stone". Chakra: heart.


Ruby, like Sapphire, is a form of corundum, an oxide of aluminum. Deep translucent red, and sometimes with a star of light deep within, it is among the rarest and most precious of stones. Ruby is the birthstone of July, the hot sun of midsummer. Ruby helps to create and maintain friendships; to banish grief. Rubies are a strong protection against disaster, plague, and pestilence; promote cheerful disposition; overcome depression and sorrow; bestow knowledge, health, and wealth; spiritual wisdom and a contented mind. Dedicated to the wargod Mars, they ensured victory. To dream of Rubies brings bountiful return. When a Ruby grows dull, it warns its owner of danger or illness. Ruby relieves pain and fever, promotes mental health, overcomes depression, and bestows strength of will. Aids regeneration fo physical/ spiritual heart. Enhances circulation. Vitalizes blood and entire body/ mind system. Strengthens immunity. Activates sluggish or dormant conditions on physical/ spiritual levels. Refines lower passions. Courage, integrity, selfless service, joy, spiritual devotion, power, leadership. Helps banish sense of limitation. Chakra: root, heart. A dream of Ruby means unexpected guests; to lose one is unexpected departure of a lover.


Protects its user from illusion. Thrown over the shoulder, it protects the user from curses by preventing false destructive thought forms directed at you by others from influencing you. Likewise, a circle of salt crystals is used by Wiccan adepts to create a purified (illusion- free) space in which to create thought forms of power.


Sapphire comes in many colors, and may be defined as the transparent varieties of corundum, an oxide of aluminum second in hardness only to Diamond. As a gemstone, the deep blue is most valued, especially when the hexagonal crystal structure causes a bright six- pointed star of light to appear suspended deep within the stone. Though Sapphire is included in The Bible as one of the stones of the Breastplate, and also as the stone of which the tablets of the Ten Commandments were carved, it is very probable that Biblical reference actually describes Lapis Lazuli, as a result of the choice of words used long ago by some translator with expertise in ancient languages, and little knowledge of gems. Sapphire is the birthstone for September. It is very effective for the signs of Libra, Aquarius, and Virgo. If worn by an unfaithful husband or wife, its lustre is said to darken. It protects its wearer from impure thoughts. A pendant of Sapphire cures fevers, strengthens the heart, and counteracts poisons. Sapphire activates pituitary gland, thereby aiding entire glandular system. Stimulates psychic abilities, clarity, and inspiration, creative expression, loyalty, love. Aids connection with Higher Self, Spirit Guides. Strengthens will. Expands cosmic awareness. Dispels confusion. Sapphire is for all eye illnesses. Sapphire keeps its owner free of envy and the ability to deceive. Chakras: throat, third eye. A dream of Sapphire means escape from danger; meeting a benefactor; new love.


Selenite is a form of gypsum. It strengthens bones, teeth. Soothes nerves. Has positive effect on brain, aiding power of concentration and clarity. Enhances willpower. Grounded white light. Chakra: crown.


Native Silver metal enhances mental function. Aids circulation. Strengthens blood, physically and etherically. Strengthens pineal and pituitary glands. Relieves stress. Relates to moon, subconscious, female aspect. Emotional balance. Speech improvement. Excellent energy conductor, bringing detached serenity to ritual Celebration.


This dark-toned Quartz Rock Crystal has the same properties as others, but is particularly useful in dealing with the lower physical aspects of bodily health. Strengthens adrenals, kidneys, pancreas. Increases fertility, stabilizes irregular sexual energy. Mildly sedative and relaxing. Initiates movement of Kundalini. Dissipates subconscious blocks and negativity on all levels, particularly those relating to the autonomous functions of the body. Grounding, centering. Excellent for meditation. Enhances dream awareness and channel abilities, particularly in working with feelings rather than abstract data. Chakras: root, navel, solar plexus.


Staurolite is an opaque brown stone which forms cross-shaped crystals. They are valued as good-luck charms by many people, and of course have special significance to Christians. One legend tells of elves and fairies sitting around a spring in Patrick County, Virginia, who upon hearing the news that Jesus had been crucified on civil charges for heresy, burst into tears which were crystallized into little crosses when they fell into the spring. Theodore Roosevelt is reported to have worn one on his watch-chain. As a Heartstone, a Staurolite is excellent for resolving conflicts.


Tiger Eye is a variety of quartz with fibers of asbestos. Its tawny golden color and shimmering bands of light give it the power and motion of its namesake. Found only in South Africa, it is considered a particularly masculine gemstone. Tiger Eye shields against sorcery, enhances connection with personal power and will. Grounding, centering. Helps soften stubbornness. Enhances clear perception and insight. Masculine energy. chakras: navel, solar plexus.


A transparent gem found on the island of Topazas in the Red Sea, among other places. Similar to Chrysolite and Peridot, it comes in shades of rose, pink, blue, light green, and clear, as well as a highly prized golden yellow. It has become the accepted birthstone for November. Egyptians associated it with sungod Ra, giver of life. Greeks called it a stone of strength, and used it to treat gout. Romans used it to treat insanity and intoxication. As the church gained power, scepters, chalices, and such artifacts bearing Topaz gems became more necessary in rituals to free those suspected of demonic possession. In post-Medieval Europe, Topaz is associated with higher mental powers and disorders - psychic sensitivity, and also epilepsy. Topaz used as an amulet will combat chest and respiratory problems. Topaz cures blood, liver, kidney, and genito-urinary maladies. Gold Topaz strengthens liver, gallbladder, spleen, digestive organs, nervous system. Detoxifies body. Warming, awakening, inspiring. Abundance. Blue Topaz trengthens thyroid gland, enhances metabolic efficiency, emotional balance. Cooling, soothing, peace, tranquility. Creativity, self-expression. Enhances psychic perception, communication with Higher Self/ Guides. Chakras: heart, throat, third eye. A dream of Topaz means an interesting affair; to lose one, betrayal by friends.


A beautiful gemstone which occurs in clusters of long crystals of colors from clear to deep purple, green, pink, and yellow. Tourmaline has little record of use for ritual or psychic purposes, but is gaining a wide use in modern high-tech research for its unusual electrical and physical properties. Tourmaline's presence is a stimulant to the nerves. Aids in balance of endocrine system. Aids sleep. Strengthens, vitalizes body/ mind. activates and enhances crystalline properties of body/ mind. Aligns subtle bodies. Dispels fear and negative conditions. Strong protective influence. Concentration, inspiration. Enhances sensitivity and understanding. Powerful healer, highly electromagnetic. The various colors will activate and align corresponding chakras. Black Tourmaline: root. Watermelon red/green: root, heart. Green: heart. Blue (Indicolite): throat, third eye. Red/pink (Rubelite): root, heart.


Clear quartz with black tourmaline crystals inside. Balances male/female polarities. Aids in balancing extremes. Grounding, very protective. dissipates negativity. Combines forces of clear quartz and black tourmaline, a very unusual Janusary stone. Chakras: root, crown.


This is not a natural stone. It is found only in one place in the world: at ground zero of a nuclear explosion. It looks like bubbly green melted glass, which is exactly what it is, made from the sand by the heat of the bomb. Though it is illegal to remove it from Trinity Site, the first ground zero for which it is named, samples can be found. It is slightly radioactive, and so particularly good for projecting an image to large numbers of people at a distance. It is good for projecting very strong and dark emotional tones, like rage or horror, using the root Chakra, and also for images of the vision of immortal clarity being at ground zero, using the Crown Chakra.


This lustrous opaque stone comes in several shades of blue. It is the oldest known gemstone used for jewelry or ritual purpose, and such artifacts have been found in the tombs and ruins of Egypt, China, and the Aztecs. Turquoise has been a sacred stone to the people of North America as long as there have been such. American Indians consider it sacred today, and the mosaic of their tribal and mystical histories is inlaid heavily with the stone. Arabs call the stone Fayruz, the luck-stone. Moslems carry amulets of Turquoise engraved with passages from The Koran. As an amulet of luck and protection, this stone is closely associated with horses, and with traveling. Buddha, when attacked by a fearful monster, was able to defeat the beast by the magical power of a Turquoise amulet he wore. Medieval sorcerers used it as a protection against the Evil Eye-that is, against other sorcerers. It was reputed to be a deterrent to injury and violent death, which may be a clue to the character of such practitioners, and their ways of doing things. Turquoise cures fevers, and aids in digestion. Turquoise protects from a fall. Turquoise is the birthstone for December, and as such, is an good representative of the nature of the sign of Saggitarius. A dream of Turquoise means prosperity with wisdom.


A transparent form of quartz, Zircon comes in many colors, including a clear form which is almost indistinguishable from Diamond to the casual observer. There is some ambiguity about the history of this stone, as it is believed to be the one referred to in ancient literature as both the Jacinth and the Hyacinth. Catholic legend names the Jacinth a symbol of humility, and other lore of the Mediterranean region associate the stone with the suffering of childbirth. It is one of the stones of the Hindu talisman to cheer the heart and clear the mind; in Chaldean astrology it is assigned to the planet Jupiter. In The Bible, it is the eleventh stone in the foundation of the Divine City. Moslems list the sixth of seven heavens as made of Jacinth. Though ritually essentially equivalent to other Quartz crystal forms, it is sometimes considered to be more gentle, more subtle in its actions.