A Satanist Prophecy by Darkstar

Introduction by James Nathan Post

The author of this book, a tattooed biker known only as Gypsy, left the manuscript with The Scribes Of Osiris, and disappeared thirty years ago. Parts of it have unfortunately been lost since. These chapters that remain may change the way you think about the Judaeo-Christian religion, and just what the true reason is why Satan was declared traitor and damned.

"Heaven was created a libertarian paradise, subject to a just and unbreakable law. None of us, not even the gods, can break that law, nor escape the consequences of it. There was one usurper to the Throne of The Divine, one Jehovah, who set himself up as a capricious ruler, a petty tyrant, and a trader in sacrifices and souls in pawn. I Satan am the one who stood against that prideful blasphemy, for which I was declared traitor and damned to flee Heaven. Be not deceived. I Satan am no more nor less than you. You are as gods, children of The Divine, and beloved of The Divine. God damn Jehovah, the liar and extortionist; for you are free, and not born into debt to him. You are holy in spirit, and Heaven is yours if you will but take it."

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