Racism is a social sickness, no matter which race is practicing it, or which race they choose to hate, blame, and persecute. The practice of getting people to make their racial identity their first line of loyalty, to proclaim their dissatisfactions the fault of other races, and to create movements, organizations, and laws to obtain benefits exclusively for members of their own race -- now that is racism, whether practiced by the Ku Klux Klan, the NAACP, the media, or the Supreme Court.


As gradeschool kids of an educated able White man of low economic station, my son and daughter hear a lot about "cultural heritage", and "ethnic pride". We have a town Fiesta celebrating Hispanics, and a national holiday because a person gave "his people" Black Pride to overcome racist White bad men. There are honored groups and public funds devoted to promotion of persons because they are Black or Hispanic; even pictures of The Pilgrims in school Thanksgiving decorations now show multi-racial faces.

My children face an America in which "Affirmative Action for Equal Opportunity" means: "Juan deserves the job because of his race; because of mine, I do not, no matter how well I work". They are taught "Viva La Raza!" is a call to justice, and "Long Live White People!" is shameful racism; "Black Roots Pride" is beautiful, but White people should be ashamed of cruel greedy ancestors...and therefore themselves.

If I tried to start The National Association for the Advancement of White People, or The League of United Anglo-American Citizens, how long would it take for someone to yell Nazi or KKK, to call me a racist? How likely could I get tax-exempt status for "cultural preservation", or "humanitarian ends"? How about a law that everybody has to hire a certain number of my members? Sure.

Anti-racist now means only "anti-White". All "minority-rights" groups need someone to call the villain, so as to use anger to build mass social power. The "in" villain is able working-age White men, the hated, blamable, chargeable non-minority, the one group who may not go to the public or government and complain about injustice done to individuals by virtue of their ethnic denomination.

In giving others precedence over me and my children, the rich Whites in government did not give away their positions, but bought votes by giving away my precious American heritage: my right to compete for advancement without prejudice against me for my race; the knowledge that my children can stand tall among the others at kindergarten and say, "I am proud of my father, and of my fatherís White race, and proud to live in America where all are respected and honored equally." If my daughter stood in school and said, "I am proud of my race and of White people in our history, and I think the schools should be obligated to officially honor and preserve White culture also," would she be applauded like her Hispanic classmate on Fiesta day, or her Black classmate on Martin Luther King day?

James Nathan Post