For the problem of deciding just what "arms" we ought to take steps to obtain for ourselves, whether covered by the 2nd Amendment or not, I'd say the answer depends on first getting a clear picture of just whom you expect to have to shoot.

1. Government troops. Fuggittaboutit! When we talk about our legal right to "arms" we are at the level of a semi-automatic rifle and a sidearm. As a gunship jock in the days before the stand-off satellite-aimed stuff, I have some sense of how small groups of men armed with rifles stand up against US military tech, even if they are well organized, and indomitably motivated to resist the power of Washington. As we proved in a few days in Iraq, even 100,000 men marching with rifles or dug in with 1000 tanks are only an inconvenience to modern US warfare and law enforcement. Resisting a Federal badge with your AR-15 is at best a suicidal gesture in which you might kill a few good American heroes in uniform, and do some collateral damage too. You'll make the News, and Tommy Lee Jones will play you in the movie.

As for discussing arms technology that might effectively resist US SEALs or SWATs (which discussion could arguably be considered an act of terrorist conspiracy), you should ask an Afghan vet... I mean, you know, one of them. Given a credit card at Home Depot and the weekend to do it, could you build an IED that will stop a tank... or even a Subaru?

2. Gangs. This one is tough too. When bourgeois order breaks down, especially under a militant security regime, the structure which survives best is gangism. Mexico is a perfect example. The pot-smuggling industry on which northern Mexico's sub-middle-class economy depended was well ordered, large old families with acreage, connections, a living for the peasant farmer, etc. We armed the Mexican DEA and turned them against that structure. Now the only structure ruthless enough to deal with the armed DEA and still serve the market is the gangs. They dropped most of the pot, abandoned the farmers, and switched to meth and guns. We pack them into prison and turn them into tightly organized utterly ruthless cadres of homicidal raiders... who hate you a lot more than you think you hate Borax Obonga or the Bible Nazis. Belonging to a tougher gang is your only hope, and you'd better have access to black market arms a LOT more powerful than the sports plinkers Massa Washington will give you permission to own, whether you vote Red Hat or Blue Hat.

3. Your neighbors. This is the most likely, and the easiest to take care of. You start now with a purse pistol, and classes to know how to use it. Learn. You recognize that when you need one, it doesn't matter what armament the law says you may own, it only matters what you do own. You tell no one what you own. You keep it clean and out of sight. If you live in a place where you truly expect you are going to need it for self defense, you might consider the wisdom of a pre-emptive cleansing of your neighborhood before waiting to be placed in an untenable defensive position... and get away with it.
[Plug: I get into this idea pretty deep in my book KALISNACHT. ]

I've seen a bit of that violence. I've seen a huge Empire, motivated by fanatical belief in an ancient cult of sorcery and human sacrifice, invade a group of agricultural colonies and kill the common people for refusing to submit to the Empire's chosen leaders. I have seen families crouch in holes dug under their floorboards, praying to be spared from the bombs bursting in air, and swearing their lives to liberate themselves to create their own country. New England? No, the several French colonies of Indochina. I was mostly on the giving side of all that, one of the Empire's "anti-personnel land-skimmer" pilots, and I've got a box of bones you wouldn't want to have to carry. I do know how incredibly moving it feels to put your fear of death on hold and go forth in the name of God and Country and shoot rockets into the tents of the terrorist rebels at Va Lai Forge.

You want to start domestic violence against Federal and local law enforcement? Anyone who thinks good Christian Republican kids in blue uniforms will not turn their guns on other Americans has not spent 40 years in the deep sub-stratum of poverty+ level outlaw country in America, as I have. I hear the refuseniks swear they won't shoot the bubbas with the deer rifles out to kill the Black Stalin in the White House, but if the revolutionary folks even look to them like liberals, hippies, faggot sheep-lovers, anti-war cowards, pro-Moozlum sleeper cell raghead jihados, or jewelry-nosed, dope smoking, probly gangsta, baby-raping Mexican sex-slave traders, socialist eco-nazis, femi-nazis, aborto-nazis, ACORNAZI Satan-tolerant anti-Christ Obummers .... God help them! "WhooEEE! Dawg! Take out the garbage! Call in the gunships! My team is keeping a body count down at the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Memorial Chapel. God Bless America!"

You sure you want to be on the receiving side of that equation?

James Nathan Post
Albuquerque NM