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By James Nathan Post

These screenplays are available for download as Adobe.pdf files, or as hardcopy by mail. Click on these titles to read a short description of each screenplay. Click on the Ibis to request any of the manuscripts.

--Two brothers vie for airshow dogfighting championship, fame, love, and their father's respect in this NasCar-like flying action drama. Cross "East Of Eden" with "Rollerball" on wings. Requires major CGI effects for dogfight flying sequences.

High Arena
--in this post-apocalyptic survivalist action adventure in the high Rockies, a family of nomad traders meet a family who hold a critical pass. Two have antique sport aircraft (same as Dogfighters). Requires major CGI effects for mountain flying sequences.

Buttercup's Run
-- campy comic SF action chase in a supertruck with a wise-cracking female personality, set in the 1970's. Mismatched mission team runs contraband chips across Mexico, pursued by villains and idiots.

The Devil's Own Horse
-- heartwarming 1850's Mexican old-west talking-horse fantasy romantic action comedy. Almost all major cast are Hispanic, with Buffalo Soldiers. Requires CGI effects for fantasy cross-country horse race.

Healing Waters
-- romantic Western action adventure about a New Mexico archaeologist and a psychic Indian girl, trapped in an Anasazi shaman's cavern, pursued by antagonists from today and 100 years ago.

La Mantilla
-- heartwarming 60-min old-west Mexican Christmas fantasy. Ten year old Chulita prays for a miracle for La Posada, and the town leaders try to prepare her for disappointment.

King's Knight
-- written long before Logan's Run and The Matrix, this high-tech computer virtual-reality SF with metaphysical overtones is still very prophetic. Requires major CGI plasma effects.

The 12-Volt Casanova
-- computer science fiction set in 1965, sexy light comedy (like Wierd Science). A nerdy grad student hooks an EEG to an early computer and is able to record and playback feelings. Campy SF that might have been. Requires CGI plasma effects.

Summer Chickens
-- light sexy comedy, two couples face middle-age crisis. On the road to an unknowingly cross-dated tryst, they pick up a runaway girl about to deliver someone else's baby, and a phony preacher with a booby-trap in his Bible.

A Velvet Web
X-rated psycho-sexual thriller -- a teenage vixen uses her porno website in a murder. Her father is a Pentagon General, and her mother a TV evangelist. Her website would be active online, concurrent with the film.

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